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Headline About Source Date Author(s)
Equivocation on abortion emerges in another Democratic primary Wayback Machine Richmond Times-Dispatch 6/2/2023 Charlotte Rene Woods
Transphobes Are Mad That the British Library Posted About a Fish That Can Change Its Sex Wayback Machine 6/2/2023 JAMES FACTORA
Inside Snopes: the rise, fall, and rebirth of an internet icon Wayback Machine FastCompany 6/2/2023 CHANTEL TATTOLI
License plate commemorating War of 1812 unintentionally contains website for online casino in the Phillipines Wayback Machine New York Post 6/2/2023 Elizabeth Pritchett
Pushing Back Against Putin’s Disinformation Wars Internet Archive International Policy Digest 6/2/2023 Gordon Feller
Musk Chastises Twitter Team That Canceled Deal to Host What Is a Woman Documentary Wayback Machine National Review 6/1/2023 CAROLINE DOWNEY
Lecture to look at perils and promise of AI Internet Archive Delta Optimist 6/1/2023 Pedro Arrais
Farewell American Computer Magazines Internet Archive Hack A Day 6/1/2023 Al Williams
Suspected senior prank lists Maryland school for sale at $42K on Zillow Wayback Machine Fox News 5/31/2023 Cortney Moore
Tech CEO says San Francisco techies are afraid of 'sex' Wayback Machine SF Gate 5/31/2023 Joshua Bote
How to Play Classic DOS Games for Free Internet Archive PC Mag 5/31/2023 Will Greenwald
Helen Keller wrote a letter confronting Adolf Hitler during Nazi book burnings Internet Archive UpWorthy 5/30/2023 Zoha Fatima
Internet Archive Is NOT Like Your Library Internet Archive Litreactor 5/29/2023 Lead Analyst, Consumer Electronics
Migrants DeSantis Flew to Martha's Vineyard Were Not 'Deported the Next Day,' as He Claimed Wayback Machine 5/29/2023 D'Angelo Gore
Internet Archive Suffers Major Global Outage Internet Archive Forbes 5/28/2023 Matt Novak
Fake Atlantic headline on white supremacy spreads online Wayback Machine Factcheck 5/27/2023 Bill MCCARTHY
Fabricated Trump post circulates around DeSantis campaign launch Wayback Machine Factcheck 5/27/2023 Bill MCCARTHY
Fabricated Trump post circulates around DeSantis campaign launch Wayback Machine FactCheck AFP 5/26/2023 Bill MCCARTHY
Lazard's new CEO once inspired a fan blog called Here are 5 fascinating facts about Peter Orszag, Wall Street's newest chief Wayback Machine Business Insider 5/26/2023
BBC documentary: Delhi court reserves order on issue of service of summons as per Hague Convention Internet Archive DevDisclosure 5/26/2023
The investment firm of the co-founder of Coinbase is moving away from cryptocurrencies for the sake of AI Wayback Machine Be In Crypto 5/26/2023 Denis Omelchenko
How the media is covering ChatGPT TV News Archive Columbia Journalism Review 5/26/2023 JEM BARTHOLOMEW AND DHRUMIL MEHTA
Fake Atlantic headline on white supremacy spreads online Wayback Machine FactCheck AFP 5/25/2023 Bill MCCARTHY
Amazon gives up a key part of its climate pledge and deletes the blog post that announced the Shipment Zero initiative. We dug up the details anyway Wayback Machine Business Insider 5/25/2023 Alistair Barr
Deepfake of Hillary Clinton endorsing Ron DeSantis recirculates online Wayback Machine 5/25/2023 Bill MCCARTHY
4 things to know about copyright litigation Wayback Machine 5/25/2023 Ned Sackman
Minnesota Governor Says He’ll Sign Marijuana Legalization Bill Next Week, As State Launches New Site For Regulatory Agency TV News Archive Marijuana Moment 5/25/2023 Kyle Jaeger
The challenges of archiving the internet Internet Archive MarketPlace 5/25/2023 Mike Powell
The Rise, Fall And Potential Resurrection Of Ron DeSantis TV News Archive FiveThirtyEight 5/24/2023 Geoffrey Skelley
Posts add anti-Biden chant to university commencement footage Wayback Machine 5/24/2023 Bill MCCARTHY
Fake New York subway ad featuring Jordan Neely spreads online Wayback Machine 5/23/2023 Bill MCCARTHY
Evolution of misinformation: How false story about migrants displacing homeless veterans caught fire Wayback Machine Politifact 5/23/2023 Jeff Cercone
Activision shuts down popular fan servers for legacy Call of Duty games Wayback Machine ArsTechnica 5/23/2023 KYLE ORLAND
Book Publishers Are Trying to Destroy Public E-Book Access in Order to Increase Profits CDL Current Affairs 5/23/2023 Stephen Prager
Gender dysphoria’: What it is, what it isn’t and how history has changed its view TV News Archive Politifact 5/23/2023
Over 90 audio cassettes from 1999 Game Developers Conference now digitized and available for free | Game World Observer Internet Archive Game World Observer 5/23/2023 Evgeny Obedkov
Young Children Do Not Receive Medical Gender Transition Treatment Wayback Machine 5/23/2023 Kate Yandell
Cabinet Netter proves design patent valid after disputing Wayback Machine evidence Wayback Machine Juve Patent 5/23/2023 Amy Sandys
Inside Higher Ed | Higher Education News, Events and Jobs Wayback Machine Inside Higher Ed 5/23/2023 Liam Knox
Fact Check-Fabricated incoherent all-caps Donald Trump post shared online Wayback Machine Reuters 5/22/2023
False: Taylor Lorenz didn't use family connections to remove information from the Internet Archive Wayback Machine Logically 5/22/2023 Sam Doak
How to preserve your digital memories Internet Archive MIT Technology Review 5/22/2023 Tate Ryan-Mosleyarchive page
Why anime archives will make every otaku's life easier, explored Sportskeeda 5/21/2023 Joshua Corvington
Kara Swisher Swipes Elon Musk: ‘Dog Whistle of Exhaustingly Toxic Nonsense and a Professional Adult Toddler’ Wayback Machine Yahoo News 5/20/2023 Jeremy Fuster
Elon Musk won’t stop tweeting his way into trouble Wayback Machine VOX 5/20/2023 Shirin Ghaffary
Jack Dorsey's Bluesky Is Trying to Save the Internet. It Wants Your Feedback, Please. Wayback Machine Gizmodo 5/20/2023 Thomas Germain
‘Palestine Must Be Obliterated’: ‘Times of Israel’ Publishes, Deletes Article Calling for Genocide Wayback Machine Palestine Chronicle 5/19/2023
Analysis | Ted Cruz figures out a way to guzzle new Bud Light headlines TV News Archive Washington Post 5/19/2023 Philip Bump
Allergic to actual information': Elon Musk routed for spreading another debunked conspiracy theory Wayback Machine MSN 5/19/2023 Brandon Gage
Your digital life isn’t as permanent as you think it is Wayback Machine MIT Technology Review 5/19/2023 Tate Ryan-Mosleyarchive page
North Korean Karaoke Machine Teardown Internet Archive Hackaday 5/19/2023 Chris Lott
Patent Infringement Case: Delhi HC relies on WayBack Machine evidence Wayback Machine Business Standard 5/18/2023 Bhavini Mishra
CDC did not say the polio vaccine gave millions of Americans a ‘cancer virus’ Wayback Machine AP News 5/18/2023 MELISSA GOLDIN
Revealed: Vladimir Putin's secret Black Sea bunker Wayback Machine Yahoo News 5/17/2023 Mattathias Schwartz,Anastasiia Carrier
No, YouTube Is Not Deleting Old Videos Wayback Machine RollingStone 5/17/2023 JEFF IHAZA
Alexandria Library launches new archive to document the city’s online culture Community Web AlxNow 5/17/2023 Vernon Miles
Hackers Using Golang Variant of Cobalt Strike to Target Apple macOS Systems Wayback Machine HackerNews 5/16/2023 Ravie Lakshmanan
Opinion | Tim Scott is in a better position than you might think TV News Archive Washington Post 5/15/2023 David Byler
Archive Team Races to Save a Billion Imgur Files Before Porn Deletion Apocalypse Archive Team VICE 5/15/2023 Ernie Smith
No, George Soros Is Not Dead Wayback Machine Snopes 5/15/2023 Izz Scott LaMagdeleine
Google Bard adds genuine citations in responses and more concise summaries Wayback Machine Search Engine Land 5/15/2023 Barry Schwart
Donald Trump is endlessly willing to endorse extrajudicial violence TV News Archive Washington Post 5/15/2023 Philip Bump
Good, Better, Best’: Practices in Archiving & Preserving Open Access Monographs Internet Archive InfoDocket 5/15/2023 Gary Price
EXCLUSIVE: Capitol Hill Staffer Is A Prominent Follower Of Neo-Nazi Nick Fuentes Wayback Machine Talking Points Memo 5/15/2023 Hunter Walker
Surveillance Contractor Monitored Vaccine Skeptics, Report Says Wayback Machine Reclaim The Net 5/13/2023 Ken Macon
What does the future of human memory and the transmission of knowledge look like in an increasingly virtual world? Oana Suteu Khintirians NFB doc Beyond Paper opens June 9 in Toronto at the Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema Internet Archive Webwire 5/13/2023
Generative AI is Disruptive, But More Copyright Isn’t the Answer Internet Archive Public Knowledge 5/12/2023 Nicholas Garcia
Analysis | Trump supporters are neither underrecognized nor half the country TV News Archive Washington Post 5/12/2023 Philip Bump
Grieving relatives blast Elon Musk for removing Twitter accounts belonging to dead loved ones: 'It crushed me' Wayback Machine Business Insider 5/11/2023 Sophia Ankel
PM Modi documentary: BBC says Delhi court does not have jurisdiction to deal with defamation case Internet Archive Bar and Bench - Indian Legal news 5/11/2023 Prashant Jha
Twitter could delete dormant profiles. Here’s how to save them. Wayback Machine Washington Post 5/10/2023 Heather Kelly
There’s No Real Plan for Preserving Internet Content. Here’s Why That’s a Problem dot.LA 5/10/2023 Lon Harris
Texas gunman not pictured in mugshots shared online Wayback Machine 5/10/2023 Bill MCCARTHY
Democratic bill doesn’t ban detaining LGBTQ+ immigrants, but sets criteria DHS must meet to do so TV News Archive Politifact 5/10/2023 Will Cain
Let Them Eat AI TV News Archive Rushkoff 5/10/2023 Douglas Rushkoff
The Mystery at the Heart of George Santos’ Rise Wayback Machine Slate 5/9/2023 BEN MATHIS-LILLEY
FOXLEAKS: Tucker Carlson on getting “triggered” by Dominion’s deposition lawyer: “That slimy little motherfucker” TV News Archive Media Matters 5/9/2023 MATT GERTZ
Twitter plans to remove and archive inactive accounts Wayback Machine BBC 5/9/2023 Tom Gerken
Relive Your Childhood Games With This Free CD-ROM Archive Internet Archive LifeHacker 5/8/2023 Jake Peterson
Something Awful is racing to save the best and worst of web history Wayback Machine The Verge 5/8/2023 Adi Robertson
Publishers Take a Hatchet to Free Digital Libraries | JD Supra CDL JD Supra 5/8/2023
Our Vanishing Internet: Disappearing Data, Paywalls, and Memory Holes - Legal Talk Network CDL Legal Talk Network 5/8/2023 Dennis Kennedy and Tom Mighell
OpenAI changed its plans and won't train on customer data, Sam Altman says Wayback Machine CNBC 5/8/2023 Rohan Goswami
Google Pixel Tablet Specs Accidentally Posted to Amazon Ahead of I/O Wayback Machine PCMag 5/8/2023 Marco Marcelline
Opinion: Students v. Publishers – The Internet Archive Lawsuits CDL The Knight Crier 5/7/2023 Aidan Simon
Here's what AFT’s Randi Weingarten said about reopening schools during COVID-19 TV News Archive Politifact 5/7/2023 Madison Czopek
Video shows migrants at Spain-Morocco border, not entering US Wayback Machine 5/5/2023 Bill MCCARTHY
Taylor Swift's Rumored New BF Matty Healy Once Said Dating Her Would Be 'Emasculating' Wayback Machine Jesebel 5/4/2023 Rich Juzwiak
Analysis | Enrique Tarrio was not just a random seditionist Wayback Machine Washington Post 5/4/2023 Philip Bump
Mississauga man accused of mailing sodium nitrite also allegedly sold gas masks, tubing Wayback Machine CP24 5/4/2023 Aisling Murphy
Biden's 2022 Remarks Not Related to Trump Indictment, Contrary to Online Posts - TV News Archive 5/3/2023 Saranac Hale Spencer
Documentary on Modi: Delhi court issues summons to BBC, Wikipedia, Internet Archive on defamation case by BJP member Internet Archive Free Press Kashmir 5/3/2023
How amazing is! And how do I use it? Internet Archive Voices UChicago 5/3/2023
Clarence Thomas’s ethics are not the Supreme Court’s only problem TV News Archive Washington Post 5/2/2023 Philip Bump
An e-history of the Juneau Empire | Juneau Empire Wayback Machine Juneau Empire 5/2/2023 Mark Sabbatini
Fake CNN tweet on Zelensky, immigration spreads online Wayback Machine 5/2/2023 Bill MCCARTHY
Here’s how right-wing media shields Trump from his scandals TV News Archive Washington Post 5/2/2023 Philip Bump
DatPiff Announces New Internet Archive Partnership Internet Archive Hot New Whip Hop 5/1/2023 James Jones
Why are Americans shooting strangers and neighbors? ‘It all goes back to fear’ TV News Archive Washington Post 4/30/2023 Danielle Paquette, John D. Harden and Scott Clement
NEH grant largest federal grant in Wisconsin Center for Film and Theater Research’s history Internet Archive Research Wisc Edu 4/28/2023
The Real Reason Presidential Candidates Form Exploratory Committees TV News Archive FiveThirtyEight 4/28/2023 Nathaniel Rakich
Game Preservation Site Forest Of Illusion Shuts Down After Six Years Internet Archive The Gamer 4/28/2023 JAMES TROUGHTON
Publishers and Internet Archive Make Slow Progress on Terms of Judgment CDL Publishers Lunch 4/27/2023 Michael Cader
Here are falsehoods we found in Tucker Carlson’s final Fox show TV News Archive Politifact 4/27/2023 Madison Czopek and Amy Sherman
The Authority in Free Mixtapes Internet Archive DatPiff 4/27/2023
Bannon-Linked GoFundMe Scammer Sentenced to 4-1/2 Years for Trump Border Wall Scheme Wayback Machine Gizmodo 4/27/2023 Nikki Main
In the Internet Archive Lawsuit, a Win for Publishers May Come at a Cost for Readers Everywhere CDL The Walrus 4/26/2023 TAJJA ISEN
Why Russian TV Isn’t Tucker Carlson’s Dream Job TV News Archive Bloomberg 4/25/2023 Leonid Bershidsky
A Wave of Turnover at Laurene Powell Jobs’ Climate Fund, as Four Strategy Staff Depart Wayback Machine InsidePhilanthropy 4/25/2023 Kavate
Donald Trump's support of trans woman in 2012 comes to light as primary heats up Wayback Machine LQBTQ Nation 4/25/2023 Alex Bollinger
BuzzFeed’s Epic Fail Is Bad News Wayback Machine The Nation 4/25/2023 Maria Bustillos
Tucker Carlson parts ways with Fox News. These are some of his most consequential falsehoods. TV News Archive Politifact 4/24/2023 Madison Czopek
Ron Johnson takes Hunter Biden-laptop-whataboutism to new heights TV News Archive Washington Post 4/24/2023 Philip Bump
Elon Musk Drops All Twitter's Media Labels, Even for State-Run Outlets Wayback Machine Gizmodo 4/24/2023 Jody Serrano
Twitter gave a gold checkmark to a troll account impersonating a defunct Disney TV channel for kids, which then posted a racial slur Wayback Machine Business Insider 4/24/2023 Pete Syme
‘Sorry — Of Course I’m Going to Name That Person’ TV News Archive Politico 4/23/2023 JACK SHAFER
DHS Quietly Purges CISA "Mis, Dis and Malinformation" Website To Remove Domestic Censorship References Wayback Machine Foundation For Freedom 4/23/2023
Gain of Function Has Never Worked Wayback Machine California Globe 4/23/2023 Thomas Buckley
More of the internet could disappear as load-bearing image host Imgur announces deletion of old content and NSFW images Wayback Machine PC Gamer 4/23/2023 Ted Litchfield
Since photos' release, LAPD has been quietly scrubbing police rosters from portal Internet Archive LA Tiimes 4/22/2023 LIBOR JANY
Elon Musk removes Twitter’s “government-funded media” labels after outlets flee the platform Wayback Machine The Verge 4/21/2023 Emma Roth
It's Official: SCOTUS Strikes Down Roe v. Wade Wayback Machine Medpage Today 4/21/2023 Rachael Robertson
San Francisco Supervisors Throw Support Behind Internet Archive as It Fights Copyright Ruling CDL KQED 4/21/2023 Sydney Johnson
When You Buy a Book, You Can Loan It to Anyone. This Judge Says Libraries Can’t. Why Not? CDL The Nation 4/20/2023 Michelle Wu
Outdated Chicago looting footage misrepresented online Wayback Machine FactCheck AFP 4/20/2023 Bill MCCARTHY
Judge who suspended abortion pill failed to disclose interviews that discussed social issues Wayback Machine CNN 4/20/2023 Andrew Kaczynski and Em Steck
KQED April 20 2023 Internet Archive Internet Archive KQED 4/20/2023
The cost of college room and board is rising even faster than tuition. It's driving students into even more debt. Wayback Machine Business Insider 4/19/2023 Madison Hall
Board Of Supervisors Support Digital Libraries CDL SF Gate 4/19/2023
Internet Archive Wants To Share Books Online, But Are They Breaking the Law? CDL KQED 4/19/2023 Alexis Madrigal
The Return of the Virtual ‘Caliphate’? Mapping the Evolution of the Islamic State’s Information Ecosystem Internet Archive GNET Research 4/19/2023 Miron Lakomy
The Internet Archive's troubles are bad news for book lovers CDL Spectator 4/18/2023 Robin Ashenden
America’s toxic mix of guns, concern over crime — and fear-mongering TV News Archive Washington Post 4/18/2023 Philip Bump
Marjorie Taylor Greene posts doctored beer photo of Lindsey Graham Wayback Machine FactCheck AFP 4/18/2023 Bill MCCARTHY
Twitter quietly removes policy against misgendering trans people Wayback Machine TechCrunch 4/18/2023 Amanda Silberling
Twitter made it easier to harass transgender users Wayback Machine The Verge 4/18/2023 Jess Weatherbed and Emma Roth
Twitter quietly changes its hateful conduct policy to remove standing protections for its transgender users Wayback Machine NBC News 4/18/2023 Angela Yang
ISIS Supporter Disseminates French-Language List Of ISIS Materials Hosted On San-Francisco Based Internet Archive Internet Archive MEMRI 4/17/2023
De strijd voor digitale toegang Internet Archive Reports Online 4/16/2023 Bas Vossen
What happened to TechAssimilate? Wayback Machine TechAssimilate 4/16/2023
Listen to 385,000 Vintage 78 RPM Records for Free on 'The Internet Archive' Internet Archive The Great 78s Projectg My Modern Met 4/16/2023 Madeleine Muzdakis
Fox News isn’t talking about Clarence Thomas much TV News Archive Washington Post 4/14/2023 Philip Bump
Everything we know so far about Bob Lee's alleged killer Wayback Machine SF Examiner 4/14/2023 Greg Wong
Presidential announcements haven’t been good at generating attention TV News Archive Washington Post 4/13/2023 Philip Bump
Bob Lee stabbing suspect’s company website goes offline in wake of arrest Wayback Machine KRON4 4/13/2023 Alex Baker
DOGE Jumps 6% Following Elon Musk’s 1M Dogecoin Offer Wayback Machine Cryptopotato 4/13/2023 Chayanika Deka
Swiss Covid-19 vaccine guidance misinterpreted online Wayback Machine 4/12/2023 Bill MCCARTHY
Los Angeles Tries to Claw Back Public Records After Police Invent New Definition of “Undercover” Internet Archive The Intercept 4/11/2023 Micah Lee
The Gagarin Center at Bard College and PEN America Establish Russian Independent Media Archive Wayback Machine 4/11/2023
Time Travel 100 Years With This Colorized Footage of Driving In Detroit Prelinger Film Archive The Drive 4/11/2023 James Gilboy
A Serial Tech Investment Scammer Takes Up Coding? Wayback Machine krebs On Security 4/11/2023 Brian Krebs
Tenure of new Michigan GOP chair who spread Beyoncé paganism conspiracy theory is off to a rocky start | CNN Politics Wayback Machine CNN 4/11/2023 Em Steck, Olivia Alafriz and Andrew Kaczynski
6 Great Internet Archive Collections To Enjoy As The Digital Library Fight Continues Internet Archive Paste Magazine 4/10/2023 Trent Moore
The Ruling That Threatens the Future of Libraries CDL The Atlantic 4/9/2023 Adam Serwer
Internet Archive and the complex politics of e-book lending CDL The Week 4/9/2023 Theara Coleman
Internet Archive is getting sued - have we learned nothing from history? CDL TechRadar 4/8/2023 Kristina Terech
Editorial: Public proceedings, private profit: The Donald Trump court transcripts must be freely available to all Wayback Machine New York Daily News 4/8/2023 New York Daily News Editorial Board
California library advocates to rally in support of access to online books CDL EdSource 4/8/2023 Ali Tadayon
Internet Archive’s Unauthorized Lending of Copyrighted eBooks is Not Fair Use CDL National Law Review 4/7/2023
MSNBC Mentions Hamilton 68 Over 100 Times TV News Archive Racket News 4/7/2023 Matt Orfalea and Matt Taibbi
Amazon Shut Down DPReview. The Community Is Saving It Internet Archive VICE 4/6/2023 Ernie Smith
SF's Internet Archive Sounds Alarm Over Libraries’ Digital Future CDL SF Standard 4/6/2023 Ida Mojadad
How to Build a Theological Library on a Budget Internet Archive The Gospel Coalition 4/6/2023 JOE CARTER
Tech Firm Lists ‘Whites’-Only Job, Blames Employee, Nukes Online Presence Wayback Machine VICE 4/5/2023 Maxwell Strachan
Outrage over white-only job ad drives tech firm to delete website Wayback Machine ArsTechnica 4/5/2023 ASHLEY BELANGER
Barlow’s models Internet Archive Chemistry World 4/5/2023 ANDREA SELLA
Ohio Republican lawmaker falsely claims he graduated from MIT Wayback Machine WDTN News 4/5/2023 Adam Conn
The Internet Archive wants to save libraries from censorship. And they want your help CDL SF Examiner 4/5/2023 Carmela Guaglianone
EDITORIAL ANALYSIS : In controlled digital lending, the issue of public interest CDL The Hindu 4/5/2023
SF-Based Internet Archive Is Fighting a Ruling That Could Change the Future of Digital Libraries CDL KQED 4/5/2023 Sydney Johnson
A Tiny Blog Took on Big Surveillance in China—and Won Wayback Machine WIRED 4/4/2023 Amos Zeeberg
Twitter Adds ‘State-Affiliated Media’ Label To NPR Account Putting It On Par With Russia Today Wayback Machine Forbes 4/4/2023 Matt Novak
If we lose the Internet Archive, we're screwed – The Statesman CDL The Statesman 4/4/2023 CHRISTINE KELLEY
Maryland man threatened to 'slaughter' LGBTQ+ group after Covenant School shooting, DOJ says Wayback Machine WUSA9 4/4/2023 Jordan Fischer
Manhattan DA's office scrubs 'Meet Our Team' portion of website ahead of Trump arraignment Wayback Machine Yahoo News (Fox News) 4/4/2023 Joe Schoffstall
The Internet Archive Case: A Summary Brief CDL InfoToday 4/4/2023 Marci Wicker
Bay Area free digital library at center of ongoing legal battle with publishers CDL ABC7 4/3/2023 Melanie Woodrow
Don't Rework Section 230, Pursue Private Rating System Instead TV News Archive Real Clear Markets 4/3/2023 Pat Condo
FDA Admits Inactive Pets “cannot get enough required nutrients” From Pet Food Wayback Machine Truth About Petfood 4/3/2023 Susan Thixton
Boston Children's Hospital director calls for drastic increase in capacity for gender surgeries for minors Wayback Machine Fox News 4/2/2023 Hannah Grossman
CDL vs. Copyright: The Case Against the Internet Archive CDL The Gazell 4/2/2023 AMRITA ANAND
Toronto twins’ claim of being Inuit nets thousands in scholarship money from various organizations Internet Archive APT News 4/1/2023 Danielle Paradis
Bogus Norm Macdonald Tweet Circulates in Aftermath of Nashville Shooting Wayback Machine 3/31/2023 Saranac Hale Spencer
Parents magazine removes doctor's rebuttal to pro-choice 'myth' about abortion restrictions Wayback Machine Christian Post 3/31/2023 Samantha Kamman
The Internet Archive’s Literary Civil War CDL Wired 3/31/2023 KATE KNIBBS
The Gagarin Center at Bard College Hosts International Conference at Columbia University on April 13–14 Wayback Machine 3/30/2023
The Internet Archive lawsuit highlights the tricky economics of e-books and libraries CDL Marketplace 3/30/2023 Janet Nguyen
Internet Archive judgement: A very partial decision CDL Knowledge Rights 3/30/2023
Dispute simmers over who first shared SARS-CoV-2’s genome Wayback Machine Science 3/30/2023 MARTIN ENSERINK
Libraries Need More Freedom to Distribute Digital Books CDL The Atlantic 3/30/2023 Dan Cohen
Fact Check: Nashville TV Station Did NOT Tweet That Father Vowed 'An End To Tolerance' of 'Trans Evil' After Covenant Shooting Wayback Machine LeadStories 3/30/2023 Madison Dapcevich
When is a library not a library? When it’s online, apparently. CDL Columbia Journalism Review 3/30/2023 MATHEW INGRAM
Nashville shooting sparks false image of killer's bedroom Wayback Machine AFP FactCheck 3/29/2023 Bill MCCARTHY
How Marjorie Taylor Greene became the queen of the GOP fringe Wayback Machine Washington Post 3/29/2023 David Byler
District Court Rules Internet Archive’s Open Library Project is Not Fair Use CDL National Review 3/29/2023
Internet Archive Copyright Loss Hits Library Digital Lending (1) CDL Bloomberg Law 3/29/2023 Kyle Jahner
Internet Archive just lost a federal lawsuit against big book publishers CDL Popular Science 3/28/2023 CHARLOTTE HU
Toward a Cooperative Vision: Library Futures's Response to the Hachette v Internet Archive Summary Judgement CDL Library Futures 3/28/2023 Jennie Rose Halperin
John Fetterman body double conspiracy theory spreads online Wayback Machine 3/28/2023 Bill MCCARTHY
Publishers land killer punch on Internet Archive in book copyright court battle CDL The Register 3/28/2023 Thomas Claburn
How Fox News is trying to guide its viewers away from Trump TV News Archive The Washington Post 3/28/2023 Philip Bump
Public Knowledge Disappointed in Decision Restricting Ability of Libraries To Lend Books CDL Public Knowledge 3/28/2023 Shiva Stella
Book publishers vs. the Internet Archive CDL The Hustle 3/28/2023 Juliet Bennett Rylah
The Internet Archive Loses on Controlled Digital Lending CDL Scholarly Kitchen 3/28/2023 ROGER C. SCHONFELD, KARIN WULF, RICK ANDERSON, LISA JANICKE HINCHLIFFE, JOSEPH ESPOSITO, ROY KAUFMAN
Publishers beat Internet Archive as judge rules e-book lending violates copyright CDL ArsTechnica 3/27/2023 ASHLEY BELANGER
In a Swift Decision, Judge Eviscerates Internet Archive’s Scanning and Lending Program CDL Publishers Weekly 3/27/2023 Andrew Albanese
San Francisco's Internet Archive loses lawsuit over online library CDL SF Gate 3/27/2023 Dan Gentile
Internet Archive Loses Historic Copyright Case, Vows to Appeal CDL VICE 3/27/2023 Claire Woodcock
Internet Archive Loses Lawsuit Over National Emergency Library, Will Appeal CDL Reason 3/27/2023 ELIZABETH NOLAN BROWN
Judge: Internet Archive's Ebook Lending Program Violates Publisher Copyrights CDL PC Magazine 3/27/2023 Stephanie Mlot
Internet Archive Loses Lawsuit Over E-Book Copyright Infringement. Here’s What to Know CDL Time 3/26/2023 SOLCYRE BURGA
Internet Archive to Appeal 'Chilling' Federal Ruling Against Digital Books CDL CommonDreams 3/26/2023 JESSICA CORBETT
A judge sided with publishers in a lawsuit over the Internet Archive's online library CDL NPR 3/26/2023 Joe Hernandez
4 more essential tips for using the Wayback Machine Wayback Machine Digital Investigations 3/26/2023 Craig Silverman
Publishers Win Ruling Against Online Library’s Lending of Digital Books CDL Wall Street Journal 3/26/2023 Erin Mulvaney
EDITORIAL/Unfair Use: Court rules against Internet Archive in copyright suit CDL TexArkanaGazette 3/26/2023
Internet Archive loses first ruling in copyright lawsuit CDL Mashable 3/25/2023 Anna Iovine
Internet Archive Loses First Battle in Publishers’ Copyright Infringement Lawsuit CDL Rolling Stone 3/25/2023 DANIEL KREPS
Internet Archive violated publisher copyrights by lending ebooks, court rules CDL Engaget 3/25/2023 Igor Bonifacic
New York federal judge shoots down online e-book lending CDL Court House News 3/25/2023 ANDY MONSERUD
Internet Archive's digital book lending violates copyrights, US judge rules CDL Reuters 3/25/2023 Nate Raymond and Blake Brittain
Stormy Daniels Said 2018 Letter Denying She Had Sex With Trump Is a 'Lie' Wayback Machine 3/24/2023 D'Angelo Gore
The Internet Archive has lost its first fight to scan and lend e-books like a library CDL The Verge 3/24/2023 JAY PETERS and SEAN HOLLISTER
Internet Archive Loses Suit Over E-book Lending, Covid Library CDL Bloomberg News 3/24/2023 Kyle Jahner
UNF LGBTQ Center told to delete webpage with drag, sex education event information Wayback Machine UNF Spinnaker 3/24/2023 Carter Mudgett and Mallory Pace
Pro-gun, anti-abortion groups endorse Supreme Court candidate Dan Kelly Wayback Machine WIS Law Journal 3/23/2023 Ethan Duran
Ray Epps seeks the seemingly impossible: An apology from Tucker Carlson TV News Archive Washington Post 3/23/2023 Philip Bump
Diversity Programs Supported by SVB Wrongly Labeled as Donations to BLM Wayback Machine 3/23/2023 Saranac Hale Spencer
The TikTok fight is a generational fight TV News Archive Washington Post 3/23/2023 Philip Bump
The internet rediscovered Blockbuster's website. Press play on nostalgia. Wayback Machine Yahoo News 3/23/2023 Kelly Kasulis Cho
To Save its Content, Archive Team is Attempting to Back Up All of DPReview Archive Team Petapixel 3/23/2023 JEREMY GRAY
Book Publishers Won’t Stop Until Libraries Are Dead CDL TechDirt 3/22/2023 Mike Masnick
VP Biden's office tried to quash Bloomberg story about Hunter Biden at his firm's request, emails show Wayback Machine Fox News 3/22/2023 Jessica Chasmar
Internet Archive data center goes down due to PG&E power outage Internet Archive Data Center Dynamics 3/22/2023 Sebastian Moss
BGSU Music Library and Bill Schurk Sound Archives partners with Internet Archive to provide digital access to thousands of historic recordings Internet Archive 3/21/2023
Why the Internet Archive’s copyright battle is likely to come to a very bad end CDL DankKennedy 3/21/2023 DAN KENNEDY
A Skeptical Judge Presses Internet Archive to Cite Cases That Support Their Copying CDL Publisher Lunch 3/20/2023 Michael Cader
How the Internet Archive faces potential destruction at the Hands of Big Four publishers CDL The Register 3/20/2023 Thomas Claburn
Internet Archive Faces Uphill Battle in Lawsuit Over Its Free Digital Library CDL Gizmodo 3/20/2023 Nikki Main
Internet Archive faces skeptical judge in publishers' copyright lawsuit CDL Reuters 3/20/2023 Blake Brittain
Book publishers with surging profits struggle to prove Internet Archive hurt sales CDL Arstechnia 3/20/2023 ASHLEY BELANGER
Legal Battle Over Free Digital Book Lending Heats Up CDL MSN 3/20/2023
Internet Archive and Publishers Resolution is at hand CDL GoodReader 3/20/2023 Michael Kozlowski
The Internet Archive is defending its digital library in court today CDL The Verge 3/20/2023 ADI ROBERTSON
Future of the Internet Archive set to be decided in copyright lawsuit CDL SilisonRepublic 3/20/2023 Vish Gain
Hachette v. Internet Archive: All Our Coverage CDL Publishers Weekly 3/20/2023
Are eBooks Books and eLibraries Libraries? CDL Outside The Beltway 3/19/2023 JAMES JOYNER
Just Because ChatBots Can’t Think Doesn’t Mean They Can’t Lie CDL The Nation 3/17/2023 Maria Bustillos
The Internet Archive Is a Library CDL Inside Higher Ed 3/17/2023 Dave Hansen, Deborah Jakubs, Chris Bourg, Thomas Leonard, Jeff MacKie-Mason, Joseph A. Salem Jr., MacKenzie Smith, and Winston Tabb
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Florida university has adopted 'radical DEI programming that segregates students by race,' critic claims Wayback Machine MSN 2/13/2023 Joshua Nelson
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Promoters of Election Lies Also Hyped a Hospital for Ukraine. That Never Happened Either. Wayback Machine MSN 1/23/2023 Cassandra Jaramillo
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Despite Red Flags, G.O.P. Backed Candidate Now Charged in Shootings Wayback Machine 1/20/2023 Simon Romero and Maggie Astor
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Tennessee to cut off funding to nonprofits for HIV prevention, testing, treatment Wayback Machine Commerial Appeal 1/19/2023 Corinne S Kennedy, Micaela A Watts
George Santos’ mother was not in U.S. during Sept. 11 attacks: reports Wayback Machine Gothamist 1/19/2023 Gwynne Hogan
Trail Mountie under internal investigation over anti-Trudeau website Wayback Machine Coast Mountain News 1/18/2023 BLACK PRESS MEDIA STAFF
Binance admits to further management issues with stablecoin assets Wayback Machine Fortune 1/18/2023 LEO SCHWARTZ
Apple Announces Second-Generation HomePod Wayback Machine MacStories 1/18/2023 JOHN VOORHEES
Beloved dog died after George Santos allegedly scammed veteran out of funds for operation: report Wayback Machine Gothamist 1/18/2023 Gwynne Hogan
Appeals Court Panel Seems Skeptical That FOSTA Doesn't Violate the First Amendment Reason 1/18/2023 ELIZABETH NOLAN BROWN
A military veteran is accusing George Santos of pocketing $3,000 from his dying dog's GoFundMe page in 2016 Wayback Machine Business Insider 1/18/2023 Cheryl Teh
Biden documents scandal sparks concern over why president's campaign purged tax forms Wayback Machine Washington Examiner 1/17/2023 Gabe Kaminsky
Have Joe Biden's Tax Returns Disappeared? What We Know, What We Don't Wayback Machine Newsweek 1/17/2023 EWAN PALMER
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A ‘Corsage’ Hater Is Trying to Sabotage Its Oscar Chances in the Most Bizarre Fashion Wayback Machine Rolling Stone 1/15/2023 MILES KLEE
Harbor City called George Santos a ‘perfect fit.’ The SEC called the company a fraud. Wayback Machine Washington Post 1/15/2023 Isaac Stanley-Becker, Jonathan O'Connell and Emma Brown
Interminable pause: Government must address harm caused by extension to copyright term The Star 1/15/2023 Mark Swartz
Russian War Report: Russian hacker wanted by the FBI reportedly wins Wagner hackathon prize Wayback Machine Atlantic Council 1/13/2023
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HBO Max’s Great Looney Tunes Purge Slate 1/11/2023 SAM THIELMAN
B.C. Mountie's anti-Trudeau website raises concerns about discriminatory views within the RCMP Wayback Machine CA News 1/11/2023
Ex-chief editor of Hong Kong outlet Stand News planned to step down after Apple Daily closure, court hears Wayback Machine Hong Kong Free Press 1/11/2023 LEA MOK
Politico appears to fire reporter for tweet trashing late Pope Benedict as 'homophobic pedophile protector’ Wayback Machine Fox News 1/10/2023 Joseph A. Wulfsohn
Elon Musk Now Denies That His Family's Emerald Mine Existed, In Spite of Previously Bragging About It Wayback Machine 1/10/2023 NOOR AL-SIBAI
Joe Rogan amplifies fake tweet targeting Florida doctor Wayback Machine AFP Factcheck 1/9/2023 Bill MCCARTHY
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Investor With Ties to Mayor Adams Sued for Allegedly Duping Partners Wayback Machine The City 1/5/2023 KATIE HONAN
Zero Evidence 'Dr. Benjamin Eidelman' Gave Damar Hamlin COVID Booster Days Before Collapse Wayback Machine Snopes 1/3/2023 Jordan Liles
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Photo of Joe Biden groping child is digitally altered Wayback Machine AFP Factcheck 1/3/2023 Bill MCCARTHY
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China formally announces severance of diplomatic relations with Ukraine? No factual basis! Storytelling is fictional Wayback Machine Yahoo News 1/1/2023
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Nassau County district attorney opens investigation into Rep.-elect George Santos Wayback Machine Washington Post 12/29/2022 Azi Paybarah
More false claims from George Santos about his work, education and family history emerge Wayback Machine CNN 12/28/2022 Andrew Kaczynski and Em Steck
George Santos, the Congressman who feigned 'Jew-ishness' to hide his shamelessness... Wayback Machine DailyKos 12/28/2022
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after World Cup? Wayback Machine Washington Post 12/27/2022 Aaron Blake
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Twitter is Changing Faces: Invisible Support for the U.S. Military and Confrontation Wayback Machine Noonpost 12/25/2022 Li Fang
Key GOP Congressman Keeps Door Open For Marijuana Banking In 2023, While Law Enforcement Steps Up Push For Passage In Lame Duck Wayback Machine Marijuana Moment 12/24/2022 Kyle Jaeger
Russian propagandist fakes: Was there a protest rally in Slovakia against arms supplies to Ukraine? Wayback Machine Ukrinform 12/24/2022
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NC attorney general investigating copycat website of now closed Charlotte college Wayback Machine WCNC 12/23/2022 Nate Morabito
Video shows Brazilian national foothall team's bus Wayback Machine 12/22/2022 Bill MCCARTHY
Publix heiress was willing to spend $3 million on Jan. 6 rally, documents show Wayback Machine Washington Post 12/22/2022 Isaac Stanley-Becker and Beth Reinhard
Beware the Digital Dark Age: Are Our Online Memories Under Threat? Internet Archive Haaretz 12/22/2022 Itay Mashiach
UNC-Chapel Hill deletes fellowship criteria excluding White people after civil rights complaint Wayback Machine Fox News 12/22/2022 Nikolas Lanum
UK Govt: Netflix Password Sharing is Illegal & Potentially Criminal Fraud Wayback Machine Torrent Freak 12/22/2022 Andy Maxwell
Newly elected GOP congressman faces questions about claims his family fled the Holocaust Wayback Machine The Independent 12/22/2022 Gustaf Kilander
TikTok Scammer Stripped of Prestigious Literary Prize Wayback Machine VICE 12/22/2022 Katherine Denkinson
Who attracted the most attention in the political world in 2022 TV News Archive Washington Post 12/22/2022 Philip Bump
Incoming congressman’s claims his grandparents fled the Holocaust contradicted by genealogy records Wayback Machine CNN 12/22/2022 Em Steck and Andrew Kaczynski
Authentic Elon Musk tweet? Wayback Machine 12/21/2022 Bill MCCARTHY
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Embattled GOP Rep.-elect George Santos fires back at New York Times after biography questioned Wayback Machine Fox News 12/20/2022 Chris Pandolfo , Kyle Morris
CNN’s Jim Acosta says he was locked out of his Twitter account Wayback Machine NY Post 12/20/2022 Ariel Zilber
Pandemic Grifters Are Here to Stay Wayback Machine The Daily Beast 12/20/2022 Maddie Bender
The public may not see all of the Jan. 6 committee’s work for decades— if ever Wayback Machine LA Times 12/20/2022 SARAH D. WIRE
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Who Is Rep.-Elect George Santos? His Résumé May Be Largely Fiction Wayback Machine NY Times 12/19/2022 Grace Ashford and Michael Gold
Which lasts longer, an e-book or a physical book? Seatle Times 12/19/2022 Michael Hiltzik
Twitter Scrubs Controversial Competitive Platform Policy From Site Wayback Machine Huffington Post 12/19/2022 Sanjana Karanth and Ben Blanchet
Twitter Scrubs Its Plan to Nix Promos for Other Sites From Web Wayback Machine The Daily Beast 12/18/2022 Brett Bachman
Video shows a child telling Jill Biden to “shut up” during a speech. Wayback Machine Politifact 12/18/2022 Ciara O'Rourke
On Twitter, Suspended Journalists' Accounts Begin Reappearing Wayback Machine 12/18/2022 Queenie Wong
Anker’s Eufy deleted these 10 privacy promises instead of answering our questions Wayback Machine The Verge 12/18/2022 SEAN HOLLISTER
Internet Archive Project Related to Russia’s War with Ukraine Internet Archive ADCG 12/17/2022 Mark Graham
Grant Wahl died from aortic aneurysm, not vaccination, wife says Wayback Machine 12/16/2022 Bill MCCARTHY
The debate over speech on Twitter is as uncomplicated as it is unhinged Wayback Machine Washington Post 12/16/2022 Philip Bump
Elon Musk starts banning critical journalists from Twitter Wayback Machine The Verge 12/16/2022 MITCHELL CLARK, ALEX HEATH, and ELIZABETH LOPATTO
Why the Twitter Files actually matter Wayback Machine VOX 12/16/2022 Andrew Prokop
Elon’s Commitment To Free Speech Rapidly Replaced By His Commitment To Blatant Hypocrisy: Bans The JoinMastodon Account Wayback Machine TechDirt 12/15/2022 Mike Masnick
DeSantis is helping shape a right-wing conversation Trump can’t join TV News Archive Washington Post 12/15/2022 Philip Bump
New developments may prove a game-changer for Julian Assange The Canary 12/15/2022 Tom Coburg
NEW TWITTER RULES ARE A MAJOR PRIVACY WIN (FOR ELON MUSK’S JET) Wayback Machine The Intercept 12/14/2022 Sam Biddle
Musk bans Twitter account tracking his jet, threatens to sue creator Wayback Machine Washington Post 12/14/2022 Drew Harwell and Faiz Siddiqui
Elon Musk threatens legal action, suspends Twitter account that tracks his jet Wayback Machine NBC News 12/14/2022 Rob Wile, Kevin Collier and Phil Helsel
Tucker Carlson: Conspiracy theories wrapped in conspiracy theories TV News Archive Washington Post 12/14/2022 Philip Bump
Twitter Bans Elon Musk Flight Tracking Account After He Said It Wouldn’t, for Free Speech Wayback Machine VICE 12/14/2022 Matthew Gault and Jordan Pearson
COVID Sob Story That Went Viral Has All the Signs of a Hoax Wayback Machine The Daily Beast 12/13/2022 Pilar Melendez and William Bredderman
Twitter Trust and Safety Council members describe weeks of radio silence from the company and Musk Wayback Machine GRID News 12/13/2022 Benjamin Powers
Crypto Market’s Near-Apocalypse in 2022 Turns Zombie Tokens Into Dead Coins Wayback Machine Yahoo Finance 12/13/2022 Jocelyn Yang
Fact Check-No evidence U.S. Supreme Court ruled COVID-19 vaccine unsafe or ‘canceled universal vax’ Wayback Machine Reuters 12/13/2022
Twitter disbands Trust and Safety Council – report Wayback Machine Rappler 12/13/2022
Amid Musk's Chaotic Reign at Twitter, Our Digital History Is at Risk TIME 12/13/2022 Brewster Kahle
Posts spread fake ESPN article after Brittney Griner's release Wayback Machine 12/12/2022 Bill MCCARTHY
Ex-editor of Hong Kong outlet Stand News granted bail in sedition case MSN 12/12/2022
Twitter disbands its ‘Trust and Safety Council’ that tackled harassment and child exploitation Wayback Machine CNN 12/12/2022 Donie O'Sullivan
‘Twitter Files’ show world leaders who incited violence stayed while Trump got boot Wayback Machine NY Post 12/12/2022 Victor Nava
Yoel Roth's ‘Gay Data’ dissertation ‘mistakenly’ blocked from UPenn website after Elon Musk’s tweet Wayback Machine Yahoo 12/12/2022 Jessica Chasmar
After pushback, Allegheny County Jail makes some changes to their book policy WESA.FM 12/12/2022 Julia Zenkevich
America Online: A Cautionary Tale The Nation 12/10/2022 Joanne McNeil
Twitter files' release fuels misleading Arizona election rigging claims Wayback Machine 12/9/2022 Bill MCCARTHY
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Herschel Walker had ties to two charities that appear to have engaged in little, if any charity Wayback Machine Business Insider 12/5/2022 Hanna Kang
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Man in lewd photo is Nigerian influencer, not US Senator Wayback Machine AFP Factcheck 12/4/2022 Bill MCCARTHY
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Twitter granted requests from both the Trump White House and the Biden campaign to remove content in 2020, report says Wayback Machine Business Insider 12/3/2022 Kelsey Vlamis
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Website targets Arizona with false claim about missing ballots Wayback Machine AFP FackCheck 11/30/2022 Bill MCCARTHY
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California hospitals had to put charity care rules on their websites months ago. Some didn't do it Wayback Machine Swoknews 11/30/2022 Emily Alpert Reyes
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Man Accused of Plot Against NYC Synagogue Connected to Neo-Nazi Twitter Accounts Wayback Machine Vice 11/28/2022 Mack Lamoureux
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Lilbits: Run Palm Pilot apps in your browser with the Internet Archive’s emulator, Emulation Liliputing 11/25/2022 BRAD LINDER
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Judge avoids “Wayback Machine” question, sends case to arbitrationtration Wayback Machine Mass Lawyers Weekly 11/23/2022 Pat Murphy
Bomb and weapons instructions linked to Manchester Arena bomber removed from internet Internet Archive The Ntioanlal News (UK) 11/23/2022 Nicky Harley
NARA to Award $1.9 Million for Historical Records Projects Archive-It NARA 11/22/2022
Image is of North Carolina crash suspect, not Anderson Lee Aldrich Wayback Machine AFP FactCheck 11/22/2022 Bill MCCARTHY
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Trump's White House blocked government websites aimed at helping Americans vote, fighting human trafficking, easing homelessness, and stopping fraud, federal records show Wayback Machine Busines Insider 11/20/2022 Dave Levinthal
House Republicans announce plans to produce content for Fox News Wayback Machine The Washington Post 11/18/2022 Phillip Bump
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Twitter’s potential collapse could wipe out vast records of recent human history Wayback Machine MIT Technology Review 11/11/2022 Chris Stokel-Walker
FTX investor Sequoia removed its glowing 13,000-word profile of Sam Bankman-Fried and replaced it with somber note after its investment cratered to $0 Wayback Machine Busines Insider 11/10/2022 Britney Nguyen
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“Cool Secret Places” Internet Archive KFJC 11/10/2022 Robert Emmett
What Republican Officials Have Said About the Violent Attack on Paul Pelosi Internet Archive 11/9/2022 D'Angelo Gore
Sam Bankman-Fried deleted his tweet saying FTX 'assets are fine' on the day he announced his Binance deal Internet Archive Yahoo Finance 11/9/2022 Britney Nguyen
Ernie Lazar, who quietly amassed huge FBI archive, dies at 77 Internet Archive Washington Post 11/8/2022 Brian Murphy
People are blaming Colleen Hoover fans on TikTok for the demise of ebook piracy site Z-Library Internet Archive DailyDot 11/8/2022 Gavia Baker-Whitelaw
Ernie Lazar, Who Trawled for Secret Government Documents, Dies at 77 Internet Archive New York Times 11/7/2022 Sam Roberts
Musk Deletes Tweet Calling Mastodon Social Platform 'Masterbatedone' Wayback Machine Snopes 11/7/2022 Jordan Liles
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Kari Lake Blames 'Creative Editing' for Criticism of Her Pelosi Remark Wayback Machine MSN 11/4/2022 Jordan Liles
Meta’s fight over a rap video will test police ties to Big Tech Wayback Machine 11/4/2022 Issie Lapowsky
A specter rises from the rhetoric of the 1970s: Scary NYC subways TV News Archive Washington Post 11/3/2022 Phillip Bump
FBI identifies source of New Jersey synagogues threat who ‘no longer poses a danger to the community’ Wayback Machine CNN 11/3/2022 John Miller, Rob Frehse and Christina Maxouris
Twitter Had a Plan to Fix Social Media. Will Elon Musk Follow It? Wayback Machine WIRED 11/3/2022 JOEL KHALILI
“Two far-right websites attributed to David DePape to smear conservatives were fabricated — they were created Friday.” Wayback Machine Politifact 11/3/2022 Ciara O'Rourke
Trump pitches a Pelosi conspiracy theory, which quickly goes up in flames Wayback Machine The Washington Post 11/2/2022 Aaron Blake
Twitter’s policy on misleading COVID-19 information is ‘no longer in effect’ Wayback Machine Poynter 11/1/2022
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MAGA porn, hate for Trump: China-based accounts stoke division Wayback Machine The Washington Post 11/1/2022 Naomi Nix, Jeremy B. Merrill and Joseph Menn
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Correcting Our Errors Wayback Machine LawFare 11/1/2022 Benjamin Wittes
Charlie Kirk Calls for an ‘Amazing Patriot’ to Bail Out Alleged Pelosi Attacker Wayback Machine The Daily Beast 10/31/2022 Justin Baragona
Editors Note Wayback Machine LawFare 10/31/2022 Benjamin Wittes
Jennifer Tuttle delivers paper on the history of Black women writers UNE News 10/31/2022
Anonymous hacks China's emergency management site to retaliate for Wikipedia 'defiling' Wayback Machine Taiwan News 10/31/2022 Keoni Everington
Laxalt campaign paid thousands to political operative linked to Twitter account that denigrated Jews, women Wayback Machine Jewish Insider 10/30/2022 Matthew Kassel
Fact Check: NO Evidence Two 'Far-Right Websites' Attributed to Pelosi Attack Suspect David DePape Were Faked Wayback Machine Lead Stories 10/30/2022 Alan Duke
EXCLUSIVE: Two Far-Right Websites Attributed to David DePape to Smear Conservatives Were Scraped Friday and Deleted Saturday Wayback Machine The Gateway Pundit 10/29/2022 Joe Hoft
Elon Musk says he was not involved in Twitter lifting restriction on Ye's account following antisemitic post Wayback Machine NBC News 10/29/2022 Minyvonne Burke
You Can Download Over 10,000 Vintage Recipes and Cookbooks for Free My Modern Met 10/29/2022 Margherita Cole
Tesla Won’t Sell Its ‘Trailer Mode’ Software to Owners With Aftermarket Tow Hitches Wayback Machine The Drive 10/29/2022 JAMES GILBOY
Connecticut ballot question targeted by rumor about unsealed votes Wayback Machine 10/28/2022 Bill MCCARTHY
Altered Video of Exchange Between White House Press Secretary and Reporter on Gas Prices Goes Viral Wayback Machine 10/28/2022 D'Angelo Gore
The record of our age is harder to keep track of. The massive availability of digital records only poses a burden of choice for future historians studying the 21st century. Wayback Machine The Lasallian 10/28/2022 Tia Mozelle Medalla
Ted Cruz’s misleading claim that only Democratic cities take days to count votes Wayback Machine Politiifact 10/28/2022 Louis Jacobson and Amy Sherman
Virginia Public Library Dropped $40K on Speech From 1619 Project Creator Wayback Machine Free Beacon 10/28/2022 Josh Christenson
No, Kanye’s Twitter Account Hasn’t Been ‘Reactivated’—It Was Never Taken Down Wayback Machine Daily Beast 10/28/2022 Justin Baragona
Ad from Super PAC Misleadingly Edits Utah Candidate’s Comments About Republican Base Wayback Machine 10/27/2022 Brea Jones
Dem OK governor candidate scrubs links from website after Washington Examiner report Wayback Machine Washington Examiner 10/27/2022 Gabe Kaminsky
UPDATED: OTA agendas modified more than once, attorneys and forensic expert allege Wayback Machine Norman Transcript 10/27/2022 Mindy Ragan Wood
What Biden’s Marijuana Pardon Proclamation Does — and Does Not Do Wayback Machine 10/27/2022 D'Angelo Gore
CDC committee’s vote did not make COVID-19 vaccines mandatory for schoolchildren Wayback Machine Politiifact 10/26/2022 Madison Czopek
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Dr. Oz May Have Scrubbed Conversion Therapy Episode from His Website Wayback Machine Them 10/25/2022 JAMES FACTORA
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Parler Accidentally Doxxed Its Most VIP Members When It Announced Kanye’s Acquisition Wayback Machine Gizmodo 10/19/2022 Lucas Ropek
New Tool Lets You Search Tons of Old CDs and Floppy Disks for Lost Media Vice 10/19/2022 Matthew Gault
Website claims to show tweets from Assembly candidate's deleted account Wayback Machine 10/19/2022 Maria Lockwood
Brewster Kahle (Internet Archive): Když si nedáme pozor, celá literatura 20. století by mohla zmizet 10/19/2022 Karel Wolf
Rampant ‘Shadow Libraries’ Drive Calls for Anti-Piracy Action CDL Bloomberg Law 10/19/2022 Riddhi Setty
Lost something? Search through 91.7 million files from the ’80s, ’90s, and 2000s ArsTechnica 10/18/2022 BENJ EDWARDS
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Clip from 2009 resurfaces of Dr. Oz telling Jimmy Kimmel he tried to stick a needle in his sister's head when they were kids Wayback Machine Business Insider 10/17/2022 CHERYL TEH
Application for student loan relief is live, but some borrowers are no longer eligible Wayback Machine Fox Business 10/17/2022 Aislinn Murphy
Embattled GOP Candidate J.R. Majewski Also Exaggerated Academic Credential Wayback Machine Huffington Post 10/17/2022 Liz Skalka
Former Fable Dev Finds His Own Commemorative Plaque On Ebay After It Was Presumed Stolen In 2012 Wayback Machine MSN 10/17/2022 George Foster
Scoping study of COVID-19 epidemiologic data and epidemiologic research relevant to pandemic management in the US Wayback Machine Medical News 10/17/2022 Suchandrima Bhowmik
Kanye West to buy conservative social media platform Parler Wayback Machine The Washington Post 10/17/2022 Michelle Chapman and Barbara Ortutay
Clip from 2009 resurfaces of Dr. Oz telling Jimmy Kimmel he tried to stick a needle in his sister's head when they were kids TV News Business Insider 10/17/2022 CHERYL TEH
SR-91 Aurora: Did This Mach 5 Plane Really Exist? Wayback Machine 19FortyFive 10/16/2022
Old, Unrelated Images Shared as 'Crowd at Bharat Jodo Yatra in Ballari’ Wayback Machine The Quint 10/16/2022 KRITIKA
Despite 'defunding' claims, police funding has increased in many US cities Wayback Machine ABC News 10/16/2022 Grace Manthey, Frank Esposito, and Amanda Hernandez
IN-DEPTH: Silicone Valley Shares – red flags aplenty as South Sudanese worry over invested cash Wayback Machine AfricaCheck 10/14/2022 Emmanuel Bida Thomas
China censors online chatter after anti-Xi Jinping protest; Hong Kong media muted Wayback Machine Hong Kong Free Press 10/14/2022
Internet Archive to open their physical archive for a rare behind-the-scenes tour BoingBoing 10/14/2022 RUSTY BLAZENHOFF
Trademark Law Alert - Further Guidance about Trademark Expungement and Reexamination Petitions Wayback Machine Lexology 10/13/2022 Cowan Liebowitz & Latman PC
Publishers And Internet Archive Trade Blows In Battle Over Ebooks CDL MediaPost 10/12/2022 Wendy Davis
10 Best Free Ways to Read Articles Without Subscription on Any Website OpenLibrary Gadget Bridge 10/12/2022 Utkarsh Joshi
Manipulated crocodile photo not from home flooded during Hurricane Ian Wayback Machine 10/12/2022 Bill MCCARTHY
Publishers, Internet Archive Ready for Summary Judgment Hearing in Book Scan Case CDL Publishers Weekly 10/11/2022 Andrew Albanese
Russian state TV embraces Tucker Carlson's baseless suggestion that the US is behind the attack on Nord Stream gas pipelines TV News Archive Business Insider 10/10/2022 Sam Tabahriti
How much of right-wing opposition to vaccination was Fox News’s fault? TV News Archive The Washington Post 10/10/2022 Philip Bump
PayPal reverses policy to fine customers for misinformation, claims mistake Wayback Machine Washington Times 10/10/2022 Ryan Lovelace
L’Internet di oggi non è un posto per l’Internet Archive 10/10/2022
The GIF Is on Its Deathbed Wayback Machine The Atlantic 10/8/2022 Kaitlyn Tiffany
Brewster Kahle: Public Libraries and American Democracy YouTube 10/8/2022
Book Publishing Giant Pulls Nearly 1400 Ebook Titles From GW Library; Forcing Students To Buy Them Instead CDL Above The Law 10/7/2022
Crime is surging (in Fox News coverage) TV News Archive Washington Post 10/6/2022 Philip Bump
Deleted Matt Walsh blog post calls the concept of adolescence “a modern plague” Wayback Machine Media Matters for America 10/6/2022 ARI DRENNEN And MIA GINGERICH
The Internet Archive legt archief aan over begindagen digitale communicatie Wayback Machine 10/6/2022 Jay Stout
Kiwi Farms, The Notoriously Toxic Anti-TransInternet Site, Was Dead ... Now Not So Much! Wayback Machine DailyKos 10/6/2022 Bill Berkowitz
The Internet Archive Wants Your Help Building Its Collection of Amateur Radio Material Amateur Radio Gizmodo 10/5/2022 Kyle Barr
Інтернет-архів Wayback Machine — виклики закритих спільнот, метавсесвіту та правовласників Wayback Machine ITC 10/5/2022 Андрій Русанов
The Internet Archive is building a library of amateur radio broadcasts Amateur Radio MSN 10/5/2022 Kris Holt
The ever-expanding job of preserving the internet’s backpages Wayback Machine Financial Times 10/4/2022 Dave Lee
The Internet Archive is struggling to preserve the web thanks to walled gardens and pay sites Wayback Machine TechSpot 10/4/2022 Shawn Knight
The Battle for the Soul of the Web DWeb The Atlantic 10/4/2022 Kaitlyn Tiffany
Dr Oz’s medical experiments killed over 300 dogs, including entire litter of puppies Wayback Machine Metro 10/4/2022 Zachary Folk
Most fentanyl is seized at border crossings — often from U.S. citizens TV News Archive Washington Post 10/4/2022 Philip Bump
Flooded school video from Houston in 2019, not Hurricane Ian Wayback Machine 10/3/2022 Bill MCCARTHY
Publishers Lose Their Shit After Authors Push Back On Their Attack On Libraries CDL TechDirt 10/3/2022 Mike Masnick
Exclusive: Suella Braverman claims to have contributed to a legal textbook. The author says she didn’t. Wayback Machine Big Issue 10/3/2022 GREG BARRADALE
Researchers Say the CIA's Amateurish Websites Led to the Exposure of Critical Assets Wayback Machine Gizmodo 10/3/2022 Kyle Barr
Ex-NSA Employee Arrested for Trying to Sell U.S. Secrets to a Foreign Government Wayback Machine The Hacker News 10/3/2022 Ravie Lakshmanan
Internet Archive Pandemic Library Provokes Broader Lending Fight CDL Bloomberg 10/3/2022 Kyle Jahner
Authors accuse publishers of undermining libraries CDL Books and Publishing 10/3/2022
1000+ AUTHORS FOR LIBRARIES CDL Fight For the Future 9/30/2022
Author coalition blasts publishers in legal fight with Internet Archive CDL Reuters 9/29/2022 Blake Brittain
Statement on the fatal flaws found in a defunct CIA covert communications system Wayback Machine Citizen Lab 9/29/2022
Russian TV is very excited about Такер Карлсон’s Nord Stream theory TV News Archive Washington Post 9/29/2022 Philip Bump
Authors, Advocacy Group Pen Open Letter Urging Publishers to Support Libraries CDL Publishers Weekly 9/29/2022 Andrew Albanese
Neil Gaiman, Cory Doctorow And Other Authors Publish Open Letter Protesting Publishers’ Lawsuit Against Internet Archive Library CDL Deadline 9/29/2022 Ted Johnson
Authors Back Internet Archive In Battle With Publishers Over Digital Lending CDL MediaPost 9/29/2022 wendy Davis
America’s Throwaway Spies How the CIA failed Iranian informants in its secret war with Tehran Wayback Machine Reuters 9/29/2022 JOEL SCHECTMAN and BOZORGMEHR SHARAFEDIN
"A danger to democracy itself": Authors fight back against limiting libraries' digital rights CDL Salon 9/29/2022 Alison Stine
How CIA betrayed informants with shoddy front websites built for covert comms Wayback Machine The Register 9/29/2022 Thomas Claburn
Joint Statement in ResponseCDL to Fight for the Future’s Letter Falsely Claiming that the Lawsuit Against Internet Archive’s Open Library Harms Public Libraries CDL Authors Guild 9/29/2022
AUTHORS FOR LIBRARIES Hundreds of authors are speaking out on behalf of libraries, demanding that publishers and trade associations put the digital rights of librarians, readers, and authors ahead of shareholder profits. CDL Fight For the Future 9/29/2022
Posts share old video of Biden remarks on vaccination, hurricanes Wayback Machine 9/28/2022 Bill MCCARTHY
Ahead of Hurricane Ian, tweets misleadingly circulate old forecast Wayback Machine 9/27/2022 Bill MCCARTHY
ACT-CHECK: Were five million ‘Biafrans’ killed in 1967? Wayback Machine The Nation 9/20/2022 ROBERT EGBE
Alex Jones trial - live: Infowars host says he didn’t lie about Sandy Hook ‘on purpose’ as his testimony nears Wayback Machine The Independent 9/20/2022 Oliver O’Connell
Daily Mail Quietly Scrubs Article About Trump’s ‘Uncharacteristically Thin Crowd’ Wayback Machine The Daily Beast 9/20/2022 Justin Baragona
Trump’s ‘big lie’ fueled a new generation of social media influencers Wayback Machine The Washington Post 9/20/2022 Elizabeth Dwoskin and Jeremy B. Merrill
Democrat Josh Shapiro Defects on School Choice Wayback Machine The Wall Street Journal 9/19/2022 Corey DeAngelis
University of Utah scrubs info on doctoral program open only to black students Wayback Machine The College Fix 9/19/2022 ISAAC EBURY
Posts misrepresent old TV promotion as child escaping Buckingham Palace Wayback Machine AFP Fact Check 9/19/2022 Bill MCCARTHY
In Defense of Library Lending CDL Publishers Weekly 9/16/2022 Kyle K. Courtney
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10-year-old archive of city history disappears Wayback Machine WVFT 9/16/2022 Sandy Hausman
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Ukraine moving ‘towards victory,’ Zelenskyy says; troops root out ‘collaborators’ in reclaimed territory Wayback Machine CNBC 9/14/2022 Holly Ellyatt Amanda Macias
This trolling website targeted transgender people, Jews and the disabled. Here’s how it fell Wayback Machine 9/13/2022 Sarah Nachimson
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False posts claim US health agency has started recommending ivermectin against Covid Wayback Machine AFP Fact Check 9/10/2022
Maria Pallante, Copyright Crusader CDL Publishers Weekly 9/9/2022 Jim Milliot
Robert Telles faces law license suspension, had history of complaints Wayback Machine Las Vegas Review-Journa 9/9/2022 Michael Scott Davidson and Arthur Kane
Robert Telles faces law license suspension, had history of complaints Wayback Machine Las Vegas Review-Journal 9/9/2022 Michael Scott Davidson
Cloudflare dropping Kiwi Farms reflects the growing erosion of neutral internet infrastructure Wayback Machine Reclaim the net 9/9/2022 Tom Parker
The definitive, scientific ranking of gaming's Gorbachevs Internet Archive PC Gamer 9/9/2022 Joshua Wolens
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Republicans Are Desperately Trying to Change Their Tune on Abortion Wayback Machine Mother Jones 9/8/2022 Abigail Weinberg
Adrift Online Cesspool Kiwi Farms Finds a New Port, but Its Struggles Are Far From Over Wayback Machine Gizmodo 9/7/2022 Kyle Barr
Conservative podcasters are ditching the industry’s largest event Wayback Machine The Verge 9/7/2022 Ariel Shapiro
Kiwi Farms has been scrubbed from the Internet Archive Internet Archive The Verge 9/7/2022 Adi Robertson
Kiwi Farms Has Been Removed From The Internet Archive, Erasing Old Threads Internet Archive The Gamer 9/7/2022 James Troughton
UK did not change Covid-19 vaccination guidance for pregnant people Wayback Machine AFP Fact Check 9/6/2022 Bill McCarthy
Book publishers, Internet Archive spar over fate of digital-book lending lawsuit Internet Archive Reuters 9/6/2022 Blake Brittain
A Florida woman touted as a 'Mother Teresa' ran a $196 million Ponzi scheme, feds say Internet Archive CAP radio 9/6/2022 Bill Chappell
Publishers, Internet Archive Trade Reply Briefs in Book Scanning Case Internet Archive Publisher Weekly 9/6/2022 Andrew Albanese
Enron's Collapse at 20: Three Myths in Search of an Historian Wayback Machine Econ Lib 9/5/2022 Roger Donway
Andrew Tate moves to anti-'cancel culture' streaming platform Rumble as social media ban causes surge in activity Wayback Machine 9/5/2022 Steve Beynon
Fox’s Tomi Lahren Slams Instagram for Taking Down Fake Fauci Account at the White House’s Request, But Was It Really ‘Censorship’? Wayback Machine Mediaite 9/4/2022 Sarah Rumpf
Andrew Tate moves to anti-'cancel culture' streaming platform Rumble as social media ban causes surge in activity wayback Machine Coastfm 9/4/2022
Campaign websites of Crist and DeSantis provide windows into past promises, current policies Wayback Machine Bozeman Daily Chronicle 9/3/2022 Kirby Wilson
Which Lasts Longer, Spike Proteins or CDC ‘Facts?’ Wayback Machine Citizen Journal 9/3/2022 John Sanders
Trump Embraces Conspiracy Theories He Only Winked at Before TV News Archive The New York Times 9/2/2022 Stuart A. Thompson
Alleged Video Behind Tiffany Haddish, Aries Spears 'Child Grooming' Scandal Uncovered Wayback Machine Yahoo News 9/2/2022 Tomas Kassahun
Transcript: The 11th Hour with Stephanie Ruhle TV News Archive MSNBC 9/1/2022 Stephanie Ruhle
Fact check: Trump's false and uncorroborated claims in response to the FBI search Wayback Machine CNN 9/1/2022 Daniel Dale
Trans Researchers Want Google Scholar to Stop Deadnaming Them Wayback Machine Wired 9/1/2022 Khari Johnson
Republicans retreat on abortion, for now Wayback Machine The Washington Post 9/1/2022 James Hohmann
Greedy publishers are putting the future of libraries at risk Wayback Machine Underlined 8/31/2022 Lincoln Anniballi
BBC accused of being ‘gender-critical mouthpiece’ after platforming anti-trans group Wayback Machine Pink News 8/31/2022 Lily Wakefield
IPA’s Amicus Brief: ‘Global Significance’ in the Internet Archive Lawsuit Internet Archive Publishing Perspectives 8/31/2022 Porter Anderson
Transcript: Alex Wagner Tonight, 8/30/22 Wayback Machine MSNBC 8/30/2022 Alex Wagner
Blake Masters scrubs campaign website of controversial topics Wayback Machine Arizona's Family 8/30/2022 Dennis Welch
Arizona GOP Senate nominee Blake Masters quietly scrubs abortion and false election fraud claims from website Wayback Machine The Independent 8/30/2022 John Bowden
GOP Senate Nominee Blake Masters Scrubs Campaign Site So It No Longer Says 2020 Election Was Stolen from Trump Wayback Machine People 8/30/2022 Aaron Parsley
Two South Florida Congressional Candidates Aligned With QAnon Remain on November Ballot Wayback Machine Miami New Times 8/30/2022 Alex Deluca
Yuh-Line Niou adds Israel policy to website, mulls possible third-party run Wayback Machine Jewish Insider 8/30/2022 Matthew Kassel
Republicans fight abortion backlash with ads — and stealth website edits Wayback Machine Politico 8/30/2022 Zach Montellaro, Ally Mutnick
Arizona Senate candidate Blake Masters erased false stolen election claims from his campaign website. It now says, 'We need to get serious about election integrity.' Wayback Machine Insider 8/29/2022 Lloyd Lee
See the Website That Convinced People 'The Blair Witch Project' Was Real in 1999 Wayback Machine Mental Floss 8/29/2022 Michele Debczak
Republican Senate candidate Blake Masters scrubbed language on campaign website saying the 2020 election was stolen from Trump Wayback Machine CNN 8/29/2022 Andrew Kaczynski, Em Steck
Tim Pool’s News Site Plagiarized the Mainstream Media He Claims to Hate Wayback Machine Daily Beast 8/29/2022 Robert Silverman
Exclusive: Ethics board cleared use of state building for SOTU response Wayback Machine Bleeding Heartland 8/29/2022 Laura Belin
WaPo blames Libs of TikTok for exposing hospital providing ‘erroneous information’ on child hysterectomies Wayback Machine Fox News 8/28/2022 Lindsay Kornick
‘The Most Hated Man on the Internet’ Hunter Moore Only Has One Regret About Is Anyone Up Wayback Machine Showbiz CheatSheet 8/28/2022 Lauren Anderson
Arizona GOP Senate candidate attempts to soften anti-abortion stance in pivot to general election Wayback Machine Weny 8/26/2022 Dan Merica, Micheal Warren
NBC Journalist Who Attacked Libs Of TikTok Once Took Credit For Deplatforming Pedophile Sting Groups Wayback Machine Daily Caller 8/25/2022 Sarah Weaver
Tucker Carlson chyron on 'gay hypnosis' is doctored TV News Archive AFP Fact Check 8/25/2022 Bill McCarthy
Welcome to the ‘Hotel California’ saga: Missing lyric sheets, rare book dealers and a relentless Don Henley Wayback Machine LA Times 8/25/2022 NATE ROGERS
Internet Archive Website Offline for Hours Wayback Machine Search Engine Journal 8/25/2022 Roger Montti
The American Rescue Plan “helped create nearly 10 million new jobs.” Wayback Machine Politifact 8/24/2022 Louis Jacobson
Fact Check-No evidence myocarditis-specific page ever existed on NHS website, despite claims it has been removed Wayback Machine Reuters 8/24/2022 Reuters Fact Check
The Russian Equivalent of Wikipedia Collapsed hours after it Appeared Wayback Machine Novinite 8/24/2022
YouTube Appears To Update Policy Banning Claims That Masks Don’t Stop The Spread Of COVID Wayback Machine Daily Wire 8/23/2022 John Rigolizzo
Amid Legal Dispute With Elon Musk Over Bots, Twitter Threatens To Revoke Bot Sentinel’s Data Access Wayback Machine Mashable India 8/23/2022 James Paul
Fact Check: Dominion Did NOT Lose Its Lawsuits Against Rudy Giuliani And Sidney Powell -- It's A Recycled Claim Wayback Machine Lead Stories 8/22/2022 Ed Payne
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No, military veterans’ spouses can’t teach without a college degree in Florida Wayback Machine 13 News Now 8/19/2022 Megan Loe
Americans see an ‘invasion’ at the border. But what does that mean? TV News Archive The Washington Post 8/18/2022 Philip Bump
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Boston Children's Hospital deletes references to vaginoplasties for 17-year-olds amid online furor Wayback Machine Fox News 8/18/2022 Jessica Chasmar
Tesla boosts size and rating of Megapack battery module by 50 per cent Wayback Machine Renew Economy 8/18/2022 Joshua Hill
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I’m a professor and the ‘stop woke’ act creates a climate of fear for Florida educators | Column Internet Archive Tampa Bay Times 8/16/2022 Ryan Need
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Salman Rushdie’s ‘The Satanic Verses’ leaps to top of Amazon bestseller lists Wayback Machine CNBC 8/16/2022 Lee Ying Shan
Unfinished Live to Convene Thousands in NYC this Fall for Immersive Event Focused on Building a Better Digital Future Wayback Machine AP 8/15/2022 McCourt Global
A Look Back at The Last Unicorn, CNY’s Favorite Indy Record Store Wayback Machine WIBX 8/15/2022 Will Phillips
Anne Heche Memoir ‘Call Me Crazy’ Selling as “Collectible” for $749 Wayback Machine The Hollywood reporter 8/15/2022 Chris Gardner
A Children's Hospital Providing Gender-Affirming Care is Being Targeted with Death Threats. Guess Who's Behind It. Wayback Machine INTO 8/15/2022 Henry Giardina
Yes, IRS job description was edited to remove ‘deadly force’ requirement Wayback Machine 10tv 8/15/2022 Kelly Jones
The Secret Behind a Startup’s Almost-Free Weight-Loss Drugs? Coupons Wayback Machine Bloomberg 8/15/2022 Emma Court
Apple Pulls ‘Hide My Email’ Support in Third-Party Apps from macOS Ventura Features Page Wayback Machine The Mac Observer 8/12/2022 Jeff Butts
Bricked Epson printers make a strong case for user repairability Wayback Machine The Verge 8/11/2022 Jessica Weatherbed
Why Isn’t Biden Ever on TV? TV News Archive New York Times 8/10/2022 Jason Zengerle
It was the worst of times, it was the worst of times: The Internet Archive’s Misguided Effort to Liberate Books Internet Archive Medium 8/10/2022 Neil Turkewitz
Right Sounds Alarm Over IRS Job Posting Saying Agent Will Carry Firearm and ‘Use Deadly Force If Necessary’ Wayback Machine Mediaite 8/10/2022 Zachary Leeman
‘Militia Violent Extremist’ Latest in History of Smears against Constitutionalists Wayback Machine Ammoland 8/10/2022 David Codrea
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Nine newspapers wax lyrical on 'structured water' Featured Wayback Machine ITWIRE 8/10/2022 Sam Varghese
Her vision inspires … outrage! Fury greets UCP Government prize for essay that calls women best suited as vessels for babies Wayback Machine Alberta Politics 8/9/2022 David Climenhaga
Loyal Samoyed' skin removed from Warzone following artist claims of plagiarism Wayback Machine 8/9/2022 Sam Desatoff
Is This ‘Mayonnaise Safety’ Military Handbook Real? Internet Archive Snopes 8/8/2022 David Emery
Forgery accusations against longtime retro game seller leave collectors shaken Internet Archive Polygon 8/8/2022 Khee Hoon Chan
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Books So Bad They're Good: The Holocaust Denial of James P. Hogan Wayback Machine Daily Kos 8/6/2022 Lisa Evans
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These Online Resources Will Help You Find Free College Textbooks Wayback Machine Life Hacker 8/4/2022 Jonathan van Halem
Anonymous hacks Chinese gov't website, welcomes Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan Wayback Machine The Jerusalem Post 8/4/2022 Roman Meitav
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Indexing and keyword ranking techniques revisited: 20 years later Wayback Machine Search Engine Land 8/4/2022 Mike Grehan
Turkish jihadist group Dar’ul Erkam continues to raise funds for ISIS in Turkey, Europe Wayback Machine Nordic Monitor 8/4/2022 Abdullah Bozkurt
Anonymous welcomes Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan on hacked Chinese government website Wayback Machine Tech Story 8/4/2022 Disha Mitra
Republicans Are Helping New York Democrats Target the Left’s Israel Criticism Wayback Machine Jewish Currents 8/2/2022 Alex Kane
Fox is talking about Trump less because it’s busy talking about Biden TV News Archive The Washington Post 8/1/2022 Philip Bump
Tweets falsely claim The Atlantic published story about ‘Biden’s negative growth economy’ Wayback Machine Fox 61 8/1/2022 Megan Loe
대통령, 미국 ‘신냉전 전략’ 적극 참여 -남북 특수성 고민해야 Wayback Machine Tongil News 8/1/2022 고승우
Republican nominee for Maryland attorney general hosted 9/11 conspiracy radio shows Wayback Machine CNN 7/31/2022 Andrew Kaczynski, Em Steck
Birding: What’s in a name? There are so many factors Wayback Machine Central Maine 7/31/2022 Herb Wilson
The Secret History Of The Internet’s Funniest Buzzer-Beater Wayback Machine Defector 7/30/2022 Brian Feldman
Overwatch Contenders game grinds to a halt after both teams refuse to play Wayback Machine PC Gamer 7/29/2022 Mollie Taylor
KE Arms, Brownells, And Others Sued By Anti-AR-15 Investor Wayback Machine Recoil 7/29/2022 David Lane
A major publishing lawsuit would cement surveillance into the future of libraries internet Archive, CDL Fast Company 7/28/2022 Lia Holland, Jordyn Paul Slater
Another missing database? EcoHealth project in Southeast Asia is under construction Wayback Machine US RTK 7/27/2022 Emily Kopp
Biden Insists There’s No Recession as He Confronts Latest Economic Risk TV News Archive The New York Times 7/26/2022 Jim Tankersley
Gender Representation in Orthopaedic Surgery: A Geospatial Analysis From 2015 to 2022 Wayback Machine Cureus 7/26/2022 Nicholas J. Peterman, Bailey Macinnis, Katy Stauffer, Rachel Mann, Eunhae G. Yeo, Kristine Carpenter
The fight between authors and librarians tearing book lovers apart Internet Archive, CDL The Washington Post 7/25/2022 Pranshu Verma
24.9 萬《立場》網站頁面獲互聯網檔案館備份 現開放搜尋 「聞庫」集結逾 230 萬篇蘋果、立場文章 Wayback Machine Commonshk 7/25/2022 鴿屋
Woes, Dysfunction and Mistrust in the Ukrainian Embassy in Dublin (Part 2) Wayback Machine Kyiv Post 7/24/2022 Miceal O'Hurley
Mike Cernovich, Who Got James Gunn Fired Over Rape Tweets, Has History of Rape Tweets Wayback Machine The Wrap 7/24/2022 Itay Hod
Why Do Publishers Have Beef With the Internet Archive? Wayback Machine Gizmodo Australia 7/23/2022 Joanne Gray, Cheryl Foong
One America News loses Verizon TV deal, begs for access to Comcast or Charter Wayback Machine Ars Technica 7/22/2022 Jon Brodkin
Even As SFAI Closes, Students Rally to Save It Internet Archive KQED 7/22/2022 Sarah Hotchkiss
Nexo, Crypto Lender on Prowl for Ailing Rivals, Faces Declining Deposits Wayback Machine CoinDesk 7/22/2022 Krisztian Sandor
Niskanen Center authors in support of controlled digital lending Internet Archive Niskanen 7/21/2022 David Dagan, Brink Lindsey, Geoff Kabaservice, Joshua Mccabe, Steven Teles
The Never-Weres: Adrianne Palicki remembers her 'uncomfortable' Wonder Woman costume in unaired NBC pilot Internet Archive AOL 7/21/2022 Ethan Alter
Lawsuit against Internet Archive tackles digital lending and copyright Internet Archive, CDL MarketPlace 7/21/2022 Kimberly Adams, Sasha Fernandez
Internet Archive the Racket Internet Archive The Illusion of More 7/20/2022 David Newhoff
Out Of The Rabbit Hole: How To Talk To Friends And Family About Conspiracy Theories Wayback Machine KGNU 7/20/2022 Kiara
Zach Nunn falsely claims Cindy Axne sought to defund police Internet Archive The Daily Iowan 7/20/2022 Sam Knupp
Web Archiving the War in Ukraine Internet Archive IIPC 7/20/2022 IIPC Staff
Publishers vs the Internet Archive: why the world’s biggest online library is in court over digital book lending Internet Archive, CDL The Conversation 7/20/2022 Joanne Gray, Cheryl Foong
Past Tweets Imperil Perkins Coie US Attorney Nominee (1) Wayback Machine Bloomberglaw 7/19/2022 Madison Alder
Best web browsers 2022: Google Chrome vs Microsoft Edge vs Firefox Wayback Machine ITPRO 7/19/2022 Darien Graham-smith
Top spokeswoman for Nevada Republican Senate nominee marched on Jan. 6 with Oath Keepers, including one charged with sedition Wayback Machine CNN 7/19/2022 Andrew Liszewski
Internet Archive. Как использовать самую крупную библиотеку Сети, которая помнит все Internet Archive Teplitsa ST 7/19/2022 Сергей Смирнов
Why Internet Archive is in Legal Trouble and Deserves to Be Internet Archive, CDL The Illusion of More 7/18/2022 David Newhoff
The Internet Archive seeks copyright concession amid publishers' lawsuit Internet Archive, CDL Input 7/18/2022 Matt Wille
You Can’t Buy These Books Internet Archive, CDL The Nation 7/18/2022 Maria Bustillos
Alberta’s Energy ‘War Room’ Hires a New Fighter Internet Archive The Tyee 7/18/2022 Geoff Dembicki
How a conservative US network undermined Indigenous energy rights in Canada Internet Archive The Guardian 7/18/2022 Geoff Dembicki
稱受強大壓力 社民連刪被指涉違國安法帖文 Internet Archive ming pao 7/18/2022
Creating Method from Madness: How Law Students Tracked Pandemic-related Court Disruptions Internet Archive IRAP 7/18/2022 Rahima Ghafoori
The Internet Archive fights back against major publishers Internet Archive, CDL GoodEReader 7/17/2022 Micheal Kozlowski
Internet Archive vs. Buchverlage: summarisches Urteil angestrebt Internet Archive, CDL Tarnkappe 7/16/2022
Ole Miss yearbooks appear to mock lynching victims Internet Archive The Washington Post 7/16/2022 Gillian Brockell
The Internet Archive is fighting publishers over the right of lending digital books Internet Archive, CDL TechSpot 7/15/2022 Daniel Sims
Copyright counts Internet Archive, CDL The BookSeller 7/15/2022 Doug Peterson
Why you’re hearing so much about fentanyl these days TV News Archive The Washington Post 7/15/2022 Philip Bump
"A path to scarcity and amnesia" Internet Archive Garbage Day 7/15/2022 Ryan Broderick
Digital book burning': San Francisco's Internet Archive battles lawsuits from book publishers Internet Archive, CDL SF Gate 7/15/2022 Dan Gentile
Internet Archive wehrt sich gegen Millionenklage Internet Archive Netzpolitik 7/14/2022 Markus Reuter
Internet Archive Draws Support In Battle Over Digital Book Loans Internet Archive, CDL Media Post 7/14/2022 Wendy Davis
Twitch streamer's collection of 724 Nintendo manuals uploaded to Internet Archive Internet Archive Boing Boing 7/14/2022 Mark Frauenfelder
In Kenya, “pregnant women can’t leave the house, so they absolutely have no constructive right to vote.” Wayback Machine Politifact 7/14/2022 Gabrielle Settles
Big Publishers Are Putting The Internet Archive On Trial Internet Archive, CDL Vice 7/14/2022 Claire Woodcock
Russia Today covered ‘Freedom Convoy’ protests more than any foreign outlet: research TV News Archive Global News 7/13/2022 Rachel Gilmore
Publisher’s lawsuit seeks to take down Internet Archive’s digital lending library Internet Archive, CDL World Socialist Web Site 7/13/2022 Kevin Reed
The WEF questioned after deleted Sri Lanka PM article is recovered by Wayback Machine Wayback Machine EuroWeekly 7/13/2022 Matthew Roscoe
Internet Archive will fight for the rights of online libraries in the face of publisher lawsuit Internet Archive, CDL Shack News 7/13/2022 TJ Denzer
Inside the lawsuit that could upend the Internet Archive as you know it Internet Archive, CDL Daily dot 7/13/2022 Viola Stefanello
Internet Archive is caught in a web of copyright lawsuit Internet Archive, CDL Tech Story 7/13/2022 Sandra Theres Dony
Voyager Quietly Deleted Wording Saying Customer Dollars Safe if Company Fails Wayback Machine Vice 7/12/2022 Maxwell Strachan
Sarasota Herald-Tribune Deletes Op-Ed By Proud Boy Wife After Backlash — But Doesn’t Address Major Conflict Wayback Archive Mediaite 7/11/2022 Sarah Rumpf
Report: Donald Trump Exits Board of His Media Company Wayback Machine National interest 7/11/2022 Stephen Silver
A copyright lawsuit threatens to kill free access to Internet Archive’s library of books Internet Archive, CDL Popular Science 7/11/2022 Charlotte Hu
Incredible $7 Million Idaho Castle for Sale is Positively Enchanting Wayback Machine 107.9 LITEFM 7/11/2022 Michelle Heart
UN touts, then memoryholes, ‘the benefits of world hunger’ Internet Archive Michigan Capital Confidential 7/10/2022 James David Dickson
INSIGHT: How dissemination of fake images is aggravating Nigeria’s security challenges Internet Archive The Cable 7/10/2022 Wasilat Azeez
How INCEST claims led iconic 'Flowers in the Attic' to be banned from many school libraries Internet Archive Meaww 7/9/2022 Aharon Abhishek
Copyright: American Publishers File for Summary Judgment Against the Internet Archive Internet Archive, CDL Publishing Perspectives 7/8/2022 Porter Anderson
Book publishers, Internet Archive ask court to decide ebook-lending fight Internet Archive, CDL Reuters 7/8/2022 Blake Brittain
Publishers and Internet Archive Make Their Arguments In Long-Running Copyright Case Wayback Machine, CDL Publishers Lunch 7/8/2022 Michael Cader
Former Federal ‘Informant’ Warned of Antifa, BLM Infiltrators at Capitol on Jan. 6 Wayback Machine The Epoch Times 7/8/2022 Joseph M. Hanneman
Publishers, Internet Archive File Dueling Summary Judgment Motions in Scan Suit Internet Archive, CDL Publishers Weekly 7/8/2022 Andrew Albanese
CC Supports Internet Archive’s Efforts to Ensure Public Access to Books Internet Archive, CDL Creative Commons 7/8/2022 Brigitte Vezina, Catherine Stihler
Publishers seek summary judgment against Internet Archive over copyright infringement claims Internet Archive, CDL The BookSeller 7/8/2022 Sian Bayley
Herschel Walker partnered in 2012 with arm of energy company accused by multiple states of deceptive practices Wayback Machine CNN 7/8/2022 Andrew Kaczynski, Em Steck
WHAT'S GOING ON AT 'REVEAL'? Wayback Machine Gawker 7/7/2022 Tarpley Hitt
Meta Sues Scraping Firms; Is It Really Protecting Users? Or Protecting Meta? Internet Archive Tech Dirt 7/7/2022 Mike Masnick
No one “with a concealed carry permit ever committed a mass shooting." TV News Archive Politifact 7/7/2022 Bill McCarthy
Organized crime figure from Iran, wanted in Europe, granted protection and citizenship in Turkey Wayback Machine Nordic Monitor 7/7/2022 Abdullah Bozkurt
William Shatner Introduces the ‘Future’ of Robotics In Rarely Seen 1984 Video Wayback Machine Vice 7/6/2022 Samantha Cole
YouTube channel featuring Highland Park shooting suspect showed parade route and an animated school shooting Wayback Machine NBC News 7/5/2022 Kat Tenbarge, Ben Collins
Fox News aired Cassidy Hutchinson’s testimony, but that’s about it TV News Archive The Washington Post 7/5/2022 Philip Bump
Fact Check-Story saying ‘LGBTQ+ pins’ now allowed on U.S. marines uniform is fabricated Wayback Machin Reuters 7/4/2022
Seeking higher office, WeHo Councilwoman scrubs WeHo from her bio Wayback Machine LA Times 7/4/2022 Jeong Park
An archivist has made every English-language SNES manual available online Internet Archive VGC 7/4/2022 Chris Scullion
Chinese researchers develop device they say can test loyalty of ruling party members Wayback Machine rfa 7/4/2022 Qiao Long
Hackers Took Over the British Army's YouTube and Twitter Accounts to Promote NFTs and Other Crypto Scams Wayback Machine Gizmodo 7/4/2022 Andrew Liszewski
We need a Library of Congress – but for the digital world Internet Archive The Register 7/4/2022 Rupert Goodwins
British Army Twitter and YouTube feeds hijacked by crypto-promos Wayback Machine The Register 7/4/2022 Simon Sharwood
Letters to the Editor July 3, 2022: Enormous difference Internet Archive The Jerusalem Post 7/3/2022 Kiryat Motzkin
Inside a Trailblazing Surgeon’s Quest to Reconstruct WWI Soldiers’ Disfigured Faces Internet Archive Smithsonian 7/1/2022 Lindsey Fitzharris
A Lake Superior Twitter account went viral after supporting abortion rights and sparring with right-wing activists Wayback Machine Insider 6/30/2022 Connor Perrett
Defunct blogging platforms. Internet Archive Boing Boing 6/29/2022 Rob Beschizza
Enjoy Digital Ownership And Public Libraries While You Still Can Internet Archive, CDL Tech Dirt 6/29/2022 Glyn Moody
The Datasets We’re Looking At This Week Wayback Machine Five Thirty Eight 6/29/2022 Jeremy Singer-Vine
Google and the Internet Archive are the first customers to gain commercial access to Wikipedia content Internet Archive Tech Crunch 6/29/2022 Sarah Perez
The iPhone Turns 15: Read PCMag's First, Skeptical iPhone Review Wayback Machine PC Mag 6/29/2022 Sascha Segan
Man sues Lakeside Amusement Park for roller coaster injury Internet Archive 9news 6/29/2022 Jeremy Jojola
COVID Measures Should Have Been Targeted, Says Laval University Immunology Prof Whose Article Was Abruptly Pulled Wayback Machine The Epoch Times 6/28/2022 Noe Chartier
NYTimes Publishes Completely False Claim About SCOTUS Abortion Ruling – Its Clean-Up Attempt Is Not Much Better Wayback Machine Independent Journal Review 6/28/2022 Bradley Cortright
Tim Michels Tied to Groups That Pushed Aggressively for Gas Tax Increases Wayback Machine Wisconsin right now 6/27/2022 Jessica McBride, Jim Piwowarczyk
Students recently got slapped in the face with an unexpected Apple Music price hike Wayback Machine Bollyinside 6/27/2022 Alexander Theriault
New Book Reveals 5-Year Diary Record of Hong Kong’s Last Governor Wayback Machine The Epoch Times 6/25/2022 Nile Law
Russian War Report: Pro-Kremlin Russian outlet refers to Russian troops in Mariupol as ‘occupiers’ Wayback Machine Atlantic Council 6/24/2022 Digital Forensic Research Lab
A Verywell Report: Restricting Abortion Will Cost Women Their Lives Wayback Machine VeryWell Health 6/24/2022 Julia Ingram
New GOP Rep. Mayra Flores once said Trump 'should've locked Hillary Clinton in jail' and claimed the Capitol riot 'was caused by infiltrators' Wayback Machin Business Insider 6/23/2022 Connor Perrett, Bryan Metzger
Veteran VC Tomasz Tunguz Is Stepping Back From Leadership Role At Redpoint Wayback Machine Forbes 6/23/2022 Kenrick Cai
Claim About Aaditya Thackerey Removing Ministerial Position From Twitter Bio Is False Wayback Machine The Logical Indian 6/23/2022 Yukta Baid
Newly elected GOP congresswoman spread Capitol riot conspiracies and QAnon hashtags in now-deleted tweets Internet Archive CNN 6/23/2022 Andrew Kaczynski
Wikimedia Enterprise annonce son premier client : Google Internet Archive ZDNet 6/22/2022 Louis Adam
Taika Waititi Seen Wearing a One Piece T-Shirt in Latest Thor: Love and Thunder Behind-the-Scenes Video, Confirms He Is a Fan of the Anime Wayback Machine IGN India 6/22/2022 Rayan Sayyed
Google is paying the Wikimedia Foundation for better access to information Internet Archive The Verge 6/22/2022 Emma Roth
Google agrees to pay for Wikipedia content Internet Archive AFP Fact Check 6/22/2022
Did George Lucas Confirm the Millennium Falcon Is in ‘Revenge of the Sith’? Wayback Machine Snopes 6/20/2022 Jordan Liles
Speaker at meeting of Ginni Thomas group called Biden’s win illegitimate long after Jan. 6, video shows WayBack Machine The Washington Post 6/20/2022 Emma Brown, Isaac Stanley-Becker, Rosalind S Helderman
Fox News carried the third Jan. 6 committee hearing as testimony featured its hosts and guests WayBack Machine Poynter 6/20/2022 Bill McCarthy
Fake Atlantic headline spreads on social media WayBack Machine AP 6/19/2022 Josh Kelety
Blinken appointment confirms deep ties to Soros, ‘racial equity and justice’ agenda WayBack Machine World Tribune 6/19/2022 Joe Schaeffer
“Le numérique est parfois un peu trop facile à altérer.” Internet Archive Actualitté 6/18/2022 Victor De Sepausy
Fox News carries third Jan. 6 committee hearing as testimony features its hosts and guests WayBack Machine, TV News Archive Politifact 6/18/2022
“Le numérique est parfois un peu trop facile à altérer.” Internet Archive Actualitte 6/18/2022 Victor De Sepausy
International operation takes down Russian RSOCKS botnet WayBack Machine The Register 6/17/2022 Dan Robinson
Cassidy answers questions on platform issues that are raising eyebrows ahead of MS03 runoff WayBack Machine Y'all Politics 6/17/2022 Frank Corder
Суд отложил заседание по делу против Internet Archive до 28 июня WayBack Machine kommersant 6/16/2022 Юрий Литвиненко
The Democratic Socialists of America and the invention of the pro-imperialist “Ukrainian resistance” WayBack Machine Eric London 6/15/2022 Eric London
GoFundMe is hosting fundraisers for parents trying to block their trans children from receiving gender-affirming care WayBack Machine Media Matters 6/15/2022 Alex Paterson
Senate Hopeful Herschel Walker, Who Says Every Kid Needs a Father, Has an Estranged 10-Year-Old Son: Report WayBack Machine People 6/15/2022 Virginia Chamlee
Publix heiress paid Kimberly Guilfoyle’s $60,000 speaking fee on Jan. 6 WayBack Machine Washington Post 6/14/2022 Isaac Stanley-Becker, Beth Reinhard
Deep Web Vs. Dark Web: Differences, Legality and Security WayBack Machine Security Boulevard 6/14/2022 Dmitry Dragilev
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How ‘This Way Out’ is preserving its collection of historic audio from the LGBTQ movement WayBack Machine Current 6/13/2022 Brian DeShazor
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An Australian Newspaper Threatened to Out Rebel Wilson WayBack Machine Them 6/13/2022 Mathew Rodriguez
Internet Archive, Publishers to Seek Summary Judgment in Book Scanning Lawsuit WayBack Machine Publishers Weekly 6/13/2022 Andrew Albanese
Shanghai’s Censors Can’t Hide Stories of the Dead WayBack Machine Wired 6/13/2022 Sonya Yuan
QS Ranks Russian Universities, Contrary to Original Plan WayBack Machine Inside Higher Ed 6/13/2022 Scott Jaschik
70 Indian government, private websites face international cyber attacks over Prophet row WayBack Machine The Times Of India 6/13/2022 U Sudhakar Reddy
WeHo Council Member Lindsey Horvath Removes West Hollywood and LGBTQ from Her Bio WayBack Machine WeHO 6/11/2022 Paulo Murillo
Fox News On January 6 Hearing Would Like You To LOOK OVER THERE! Wait No Not There Either. Internet Archive Wonkette 6/10/2022 Doktor Zoom
‘Quit and find a company to work at that you believe in!’: Brian Armstrong responds to petition that calls for ouster of Coinbase execs WayBack Machine Fortune 6/10/2022 Marco Quiroz-Gutierrez
Websites Now Have One Hour To Remove “Terrorist Content” Online Or Face Massive Fines. What Could Go Wrong? WayBack Machine Tech Dirt 6/10/2022 Mike Masnick
Brian Armstrong Calls Petition To Remove Top Coinbase Execs ‘Really Dumb’ WayBack Machine Blockworks 6/10/2022 Casey Wagner
Internet Archive Says 'Emergency' Digital Library Protected By Fair Use WayBack Machine Media Post 6/10/2022 Wendy Davis
On this day: state-sanctioned drowning of gay children WayBack Machine Q News 6/10/2022 Destiny Rogers
Facebook’s ban on gun sales gives sellers 10 strikes before booting them WayBack Machine The Washington Post 6/9/2022 Elizabeth Dwoskin, Naomi Nix
Posts misrepresent monkeypox and make misleading link with Covid vaccine WayBack Machine Sudio amelia 6/8/2022 Amelia Winger-Bearskin
Posts misrepresent monkeypox and make misleading link with Covid vaccine WayBack Machine AFP Fact Check 6/8/2022 Anaishah Janif
Nicholas Roske found Brett Kavanaugh’s address online, feds say WayBack Machine The New York Post 6/8/2022 Gabrielle Fonrouge
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Hong Kong Is a 'Wake-Up Call for the World' WayBack Machine Reaason 6/8/2022 Zach Weissmueller
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CDC backtracks! Agency DROPS advice for travelers to wear face masks to protect themselves against monkeypox after less than 24 hours after it is spotlighted by media: 31 confirmed cases in the US including seven in New York and six in California WayBack Machine Daily Mail 6/7/2022 Luke Andrews
One Way to Fight Disinformation Is to Provide Something Better WayBack Machine Cigionline 6/6/2022 Heidi Tworek
Was ‘The Sound of Silence’ Inspired by Art Garfunkel’s Blind Friend, Sandy Greenberg? WayBack Machine Snopes 6/6/2022 Dan Evon
Fork in the Road: Flying high with nolo's WayBack Machine Pique News Magazine 6/6/2022 Glenda Bartosh
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What Does Aging-In-Place Mean? It Depends On Who You Ask WayBack Machine Forbes 6/5/2022 Elizabeth Bauer
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Bloomington library partners with museum to open access to local historical collections Internet Archive WGLT 5/31/2022 Zach Zoller
SHIB founder deletes tweets mysteriously one year after previous social activity WayBack Machine Finbold 5/30/2022 Ana Nicenko
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Hell, yes,' Beto O'Rourke has AGAIN flipped his stance on 'taking your AR-15s' WayBack Machine Blaze Media 5/27/2022 Blazetv Staff
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Army locked public report after story on overdue suicide regulation WayBack Machine Army Times 5/27/2022 Davis Winkie
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Did Herschel Walker Lie About Lying? GOP Senate Candidate Denies Making False Claim About Graduating College WayBack Machine People 5/27/2022 Aaron Parsley
Defense Business Brief: More ‘Top Gun’ thoughts; B-21 first flight delayed; NRO awards big imagery deals, and more. WayBack Machine Defense One 5/27/2022 Marcus weisgerber
Ted Cruz hasn’t posted identical tweets after 12 mass shootings WayBack Machine AP News 5/27/2022 Karena Phan, Sophia tulp
Beto O'Rourke shifts position on AR-15s once again, quietly edits campaign website WayBack Machine Fox 7 Austin 5/27/2022 Peter Hasson
A former tech developer bought a rusty 1955 cruise ship on Craigslist and estimates he's spent $1 million restoring it. Check it out. WayBack Machine Insider 5/27/2022 Katie Boon
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Manufacturer of rifle used by Uvalde shooter posted photo of child holding gun days before attack WayBack Machine The Hill 5/26/2022 Brad Dress
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Jihadi User Shares Collection Of Al-Qaeda, ISIS Content Hosted On San-Francisco-Based Internet Archive Internet Archive Memri 5/26/2022
Demands not to ‘politicize’ tragedy are themselves political demands WayBack Machine, TV News Archive The Washington Post 5/26/2022 Philip Bump
Outrage and inaction: how the push for US gun control rises and falls with each school shooting WayBack Machine, TV News Archive The Guardian 5/26/2022 Alvin Chang, Andrew Witherspoon
3 reasons Trump's influence took a big hit in Tuesday's primaries WayBack Machine NPR 5/25/2022 Donenico Montannaro
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If publishers have their way, libraries’ digital options will see major cuts Internet Archive The Hill 5/24/2022 Kyle K. Courtney
Maine Department of Education removes kindergarten LGBT lesson from website following backlash WayBack Machine Christian post 5/24/2022 Ryan Foley
You Are Still a Photographer, Even If No One Likes Your Images WayBack Machine PetaPixel 5/21/2022 Kyle Agee
Ginni Thomas, wife of Supreme Court justice, pressed Ariz. lawmakers to help reverse Trump’s loss, emails show WayBack Machine The Washington Post 5/20/2022 Emma Brown
Buffalo Mass Shooting Livestream Reached Millions Even After Twitch Removed Footage WayBack Machine HuffPost 5/19/2022 Jazmin Tolliver
Who’s on First in Angel Stadium Deal? FBI Details Lobbyist Web in Corruption Probe WayBack Machine Voice of OC 5/19/2022 Hosam Elattar, Brandon Pho
Students given a Duke University biology handout with photos of monkeys, chimps, and Obama WayBack Machine BoingBoing 5/19/2022 Mark Frauenfelder
New York Attorney General investigates platforms after mass shooting WayBack Machine The Desk 5/18/2022 Matthew Keys
A Win for Solana NFTs as Not Okay Bears Delisted by OpenSea WayBack Machine Buusiness2Community 5/18/2022 Michael Abetz
Fact-check: What is the ‘great replacement theory’ linked to the Buffalo shooter? WayBack Machine Austin American-Statesmen 5/18/2022 Bill McCarthy
Tory Think-Tank Extremism Chief’s Antisemitic Tirade, as Member of Violent Anarchist Group WayBack Machine Byline Times 5/18/2022 Nafeez Ahmed
Cyber Radicalization by Bangladeshi Islamists WayBack Machine The Diplomat 5/17/2022 Shafi Md Mostofa
Organ Harvesting in China Is Real, Here Are the Smoking Guns WayBack Machine Bitter Winter 5/17/2022 David Matas
Malacañang website goes down, but only for ‘updating’ WayBack Machine 5/16/2022 Zacarian Sarao
QAnon’s Chief Enabler Ran a Website Where He Brushed Off Concerns About Pedophilic Content WayBack Machine Motherjones 5/16/2022 Ali Breland
Russiske journalister: – Krigen er upopulær blant mange russere WayBack Machine NRK 5/15/2022 Charlotte Berrefjord Berloff
Роскомнадзор ограничил доступ к новостным сайтам и WayBack Machine Комсомольская правда 5/15/2022 виктор баженов
NY Post: Kathy Barnette Called Muslims 'Animals' WayBack Machine News Max 5/14/2022 Eric Mack
5.2GHz AMD Zen 4 test CPU pops up in database and then vanishes WayBack Machine PC Gamer 5/13/2022 Alan Dexter
Google is redesigning Google News on the desktop again and I kind of hate it WayBack Machine Tech Radar 5/13/2022 Lance Ulanoff
Covid vaccines haven’t been mandated in the EU ‘under the radar’ under ‘Resolution 2361’ WayBack Machine Full Fact 5/13/2022 Sarah Turnnidge
Musk doesn’t own Twitter yet, but conservatives are racking up followers WayBack Machine The Washington Post 5/13/2022 Cat Zakrzewski, Naomi Nix, Jeremy B. Merrill, Madison Dong
Surging GOP candidate Kathy Barnette has long history of bigoted statements against gays and Muslims WayBack Machine CNN 5/13/2022 Andrew Kaczynski
Did Karine Jean-Pierre Say Fox News Is ‘Racist’? WayBack Machine Snopes 5/12/2022 Jordan Liles
It's Republican versus Republican in this week's primary elections, but will voters choose old-school Idaho moderates or the farther-right to lead the Gem State? WayBack Machine INLANDER 5/12/2022 Daniel Walters
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Surprise Delete of ‘SpeakerCoJo’ Twitter Triggers Look at City Archive Policy WayBack Machine The City 5/11/2022 Katie Honan
Anti-War Activists Stage ‘Guerrilla’ Protests on Victory Day WayBack Machine The Moscow Times 5/11/2022
Pace Gallery Tricked Into Buying $2M Fake Seurat, New Lawsuit Alleges WayBack Machine Daily Beast 5/11/2022 Helen Holmes
You Can Now (Try And) Play The Leaked 2001 Duke Nukem Forever Build WayBack Machine Kotaku 5/11/2022 Luke Plunkett
China blasts US over wording change on State Department’s Taiwan website WayBack Machine New York Post 5/10/2022 Callie Patteson
Victory on Roe imminent, Republicans cast themselves as victims WayBack Machine, TV News Archive The Washington Post 5/10/2022 Philip Bump
Paradise at the Crypto Arcade: Inside the Web3 Revolution WayBack Machine Wired 5/10/2022 Gilad Edelman
AAP Annual Meeting Spotlights Copyright, First Amendment Concerns WayBack Machine Publishers Weekly 5/10/2022 Jim Milliot
«Мы решили, что такой перфоманс будет единственно верным». Заявление журналистов, заполнивших «Ленту.ру» антивоенными текстами WayBack Machine медиазона 5/9/2022
‘Paranoid dictator’: Russian journalists fill pro-Kremlin site with anti-war articles WayBack Machine The Guardian 5/9/2022 Pjotr Sauer
«It was not a hack, we did it on purpose. We were led by conscience». Journalists publish anti-war texts on website WayBack Machine The Insider 5/9/2022
US State Department site deletes 'Taiwan is part of China' WayBack Machine Taiwan News 5/9/2022 Keoni Everington
Russian state TV hacked with message saying ‘blood of thousands of Ukrainian children is on your hands’ WayBack Machine Independent 5/9/2022 Liam James
The Upside of Getting Hacked WayBack Machine Slate 5/9/2022 Dorie Chevlen briefly filled with anti-war, anti-Putin content Two employees claimed responsibility for the protest WayBack Machine Meduza 5/9/2022
J.R. Majewski, an Ohio GOP congressional candidate, was a January 6 participant and has repeatedly shared pro-QAnon material WayBack Machine CNN 5/9/2022 Andrew Kaczynski, Em Steck
Government does not know what to do with fleeing Ukrainian minors, says lawyer WayBack Machine PA Media 5/8/2022 Alistair Mason, Lily Ford
In memory of Jeff Harrist: The Return of Donkey Kong Forum WayBack Machine TwinGalaxies 5/8/2022 Jason Bennett
Anonymous Hacks CCP-run Website; Warns China To Not Do 'anything Stupid Against Taiwan' WayBack Machine Republic World 5/7/2022 Anwesha Majumdar
Mystery Solved: The Origins of the Creepy Pyramid Photo WayBack Machine Snopes 5/6/2022 Jordan Liles
The War in Ukraine, as Seen on Russian TV WayBack Machine, TV News Archive The New York Times 5/6/2022 Stuart Thompson
Bloomington library, McLean County museum partner for new historical collections WayBack Machine The Pantagraph 5/6/2022 Mateusz Janik
Major mobile publisher buys Wordle! (but not the game you’re thinking of) WayBack Machine Ars Technica 5/5/2022 Kyle Orland
Traeger Grills Facebook Scam Promises ‘Big Sale,’ Falsely Claims Company Is Closing WayBack Machine Snopes 5/5/2022 Jordan Liles
79-Year-Old Carl Sagan Fan Loses to Crypto Company After Lawsuit WayBack Machine Motherboard 5/4/2022 Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai
Pro-life activists offer $25K reward for information leading to indictment of late-term abortionist WayBack Machine Christian post 5/4/2022 Ryan Foley
J.D. Vance's Book Sales Got Bigger Boost from Trump Than Netflix WayBack Machine NewsWeek 5/4/2022 Rob Minto
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5 Signs Your Medical Practice Website Needs Updating WayBack Machine Forbes 5/3/2022 John Keehler
Far-right London election candidate said BLM activist shot at party should be deported WayBack Machine My London 5/3/2022 Kiro Evans
ICYMI, Russia is Pulling Out International Space Station Due to Sanctions WayBack Machine ItechPost 5/2/2022 JOHN PAUL M. JOAQUIN
Intellectual Property issues in State Board textbooks WayBack Machine Lexology 5/2/2022 Sakshi Shairwal
Columbia University finally cuts ties with America’s Quack Dr. Oz WayBack Machine Science-Based Medicine 5/2/2022 David Gorski
‘Clear signs of dementia’: Katherine Deves’ wild Joe Biden claim before deleting Twitter account WayBack Machine 5/2/2022 Samantha Maiden
Checklist: What to do if you’re being harassed online WayBack Machine The Washington Post 5/1/2022 Danielle Abril, Heather Kelly
Razer co-founder and gaming mouse pioneer Robert Krakoff has died Internet Archive The Verge 5/1/2022 Sean Hollister Emma Roth
Op-Ed: The race to save Ukrainian culture, in the real world and online Internet Archive LA Times 5/1/2022 Flynn Coleman
Oxford University Press Pulps Children Book "The Blue Eye" after Complaints of Islamophobic Content Internet Archive News Nine 4/30/2022 Chintan Girish Modi
What to Know About Tucker Carlson’s Rise Internet Archive, TV News Archive The New York Times 4/30/2022 Nicholas Confessore
How Tucker Carlson Stoked White Fear to Conquer Cable Internet Archive The New York Times 4/30/2022 Nicholas Confessore
How Tucker Carlson Reshaped Fox News — and Became Trump’s Heir Internet Archive, TV News Archive The New York Times 4/30/2022 Nicholas Confessore
Look inside the apocalyptic worldview of 'Tucker Carlson Tonight' WayBack Machine, TV News Archive The New York Times 4/29/2022 Karen Yourish, Weiyi Cai, Larry Buchanan, Aaron Byrd, Barbara Harvey, Blacki Migliozzi, Rumsey Taylor, Josh Williams, Micheal Zandlo, Nicholas Confessore, Ben Decker, Jacob Silver, Julie Tate
World Economic Forum Shares a Video About Changing Bitcoin's Code to Proof-of-Stake WayBack Machine 4/29/2022 Jamie Redman
‘Uproar’: How 6000 of Katherine Deves deleted tweets fractured the Liberal Party WayBack Machine The New Daily 4/29/2022 Matthew Elmas, James Robertson
Work to archive World Wide Web continues as local nonprofit saves old PCs WayBack Machine QueenCityNews 4/28/2022 Brett Baldeck
How We Spent the Last Month Examining ‘Sid Meier’s Gettysburg’ WayBack Machine Vice 4/28/2022 Patrick Klepek
Taylor Lorenz has Twitter page excluded from Internet Archive as she defends scrutinizing Libs of TikTok Internet Archive Fox News 4/28/2022 Joseph Wulfsohn
Self-styled entrepreneur owed investors money. Then she brought her pitch to Paradise WayBack Machine The Sacramento Bee 4/28/2022 Ryan Sabalow, Dale Kasler
Conservatives gained Twitter followers after the company announced its deal with Elon Musk because "Twitter lifted a broad anti-conservative, anti-Trump shadow ban.” WayBack Machine, TV News Archive Politifact 4/27/2022 Bill McCarthy
India's Race to 175 GW WayBack Machine Ember 4/27/2022 Aditya Lolla
Google may now remove search results that dox you Internet Archive The Verge 4/27/2022 Mitchell Clark
What will Elon Musk do with Twitter data? Internet Archive Grid 4/27/2022 Benjamin Powers
Briton ‘will travel to Ukraine to care for autistic teenager’ after visa issues WayBack Machine PA Media 4/27/2022 Lottie Kilraine
Hong Kong’s Foreign Correspondents’ Club cancels Human Rights Awards for fear of legal risks WayBack Machine Global Voices 4/26/2022 Oiwan Lam
5 ways to use the Wayback Machine for SEO WayBack Machine Chris Long 4/25/2022 Chris Long
Bill in Congress Would Bar Americans From Reciting Our Own Laws wayBack Machine Repulbic Report 4/25/2022 David Halperin
Johnny Depp, Amber Heard's Supporters Battle Over Makeup Brand's Video WayBack Machine NewsWeek 4/25/2022 Ryan Smith
Brewster Kahle: Canadian Web Archiving Symposium interview Internet Archive Econ Analysis Tool 4/23/2022 Alex Peek
Taylor Lorenz old tweets 'excluded' from Internet Archive amid Libs of TikTok doxxing backlash Internet Archive Fox News 4/23/2022 Andrew Mark Miller
Scammers snatch up expired domains, vexing Google Internet Archive Tech Crunch 4/23/2022 Haje Jan Kamps
Internet Archive Censors Itself to Protect Crybully Taylor Lorenz Internet Archive Breitbart 4/22/2022 Allum Bokhari
Wayback Machine Conveniently Scrubs Its Database Of Past Tweets By WaPo’s Taylor Lorenz WayBack Machine The Free Press 4/21/2022 Liam Edgar
Taylor Lorenz’s war on normal people WayBack Machine Washington Times 4/21/2022 Pedro Gonzalez
How One Florida Woman With Twitter Problems Plunged Us Into a Nightmarish National Conversation About “Grooming” WayBack Machine Slate 4/21/2022 Ben Mathis-Lilley
UChicago student newspaper editors remove op-ed denouncing antisemitism from website WayBack Machine The College Fix 4/21/2022 Charlotte Hazard
Сохранить память: как веб-архивация спасает от забвения заблокированные медиа и «вымирающие» ссылки WayBack Machine нож 4/20/2022 Mariya Cherni
Libs of TikTok’s deleted tweet accusing anti-teen suicide organization of ‘grooming’ resurfaces WayBack Machine Daily Dot 4/20/2022 Claire GoForth
Flickr Will Mass-Delete a Bunch of Free Users’ Photos Next Month WayBack Machine 4/20/2022 Adam Rowe
Controversy Builds as Libs of TikTok and Washington Post Both Called Out WayBack Machine NewsWeek 4/20/2022 Jake Thomas
German government funds 'research' project that doxxed Libs of Tik Tok WayBack Machine Post Milenial 4/20/2022 The Post Milenial
Internet Archive Apparently Excludes Taylor Lorenz, Who Doxxed Account Poking Fun at Leftists, From Its Search WayBack Machine CNSNews 4/20/2022 Rob Shimshock
‘Libs of TikTok’ deletes thousands of tweets after owner is exposed, but the Internet remembers forever WayBack Machine Queerty 4/20/2022 Dan Tracer
The FBI maintains a massive encyclopedia of internet slang WayBack Machine Tech Radar 4/20/2022 Anthony Spadafora
How To Balance Right To Be Forgetten With Right To Information WayBack Machine MSN 4/20/2022 Kazim Rizvi
The ‘culture war’ election WayBack Machine The Monthly 4/20/2022 Rachel Withers
Yes, Delta Air Lines did call COVID-19 an ‘ordinary seasonal virus,’ contradicting pandemic classification WayBack Machine 11Alive 4/19/2022 Erin Jones
What Is the Wayback Machine, and Why Is It Important? WayBack Machine How-To Geek 4/19/2022 MArshall Gunnel
Who is Chaya Raichik? Woman Allegedly Behind Libs of TikTok WayBack Machine News Week 4/19/2022 Giulia Carbanaro
Random: The Weird And Wonderful Super Mario Bros. Anime Is Now Available In 4K WayBack Machine nintendo life 4/19/2022 Ollie Reynolds
Spotify quietly shuts down Greenroom creator fund WayBack Machine MSN 4/19/2022 Mia Sato
Meet the woman behind Libs of TikTok, secretly fueling the right’s outrage machine WayBack Machine Washington Post 4/19/2022 Taylor Lorenz
Court rules that data scraping is legal in LinkedIn appeal WayBack Machine ZDNet 4/19/2022 Steven Vaughan-Nichols
‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Writer’s Maybe-Fake Cancer Columns Quietly Disappear WayBack Machine DailyBeast 4/18/2022 Lachlan Cartwright, Justin Baragona, Zachary Petrizzo, Andrew Kirell
Did Raphael Warnock Tweet About ‘the Meaning of Easter’? WayBack Machine Snopes 4/18/2022 Jordan Iles
Fake BBC tweet spreads fabricated Macron quote WayBack Machine AP News 4/18/2022 ALI SWENSON
Attention, Joe Rogan: Spotify now reserves the right to restrict the reach of misinformation WayBack Machine Niemanlab 4/18/2022 Joshua Benton
Shameful: Insteon looks dead—just like its users’ smart homes WayBack Machine Ars Technica 4/18/2022 Ron Amadeo
Fact check: Η φωτογραφία του Τάγματος Αζόφ με τη ναζιστική σημαία WayBack Machine Ellinika Hoaxes 4/18/2022 Στέλιος Πουρνής
Crossword blog: ‘Back to square one’ and football commentary WayBack Machine The Guardian 4/18/2022 Alan Connor
Liberal candidate Deves invoked stolen generations in deleted trans tweets WayBack Machine Micheal Koziol 4/18/2022 Michael Koziol
Liberal candidate Katherine Deves said trans women were doing ‘womanface’, claimed gender identity is a ‘gift to sex offenders’ WayBack Machine Crikey 4/17/2022 Cam Wilson
How to democratize ML? More public data, says MLCommons WayBack Machine The Register 4/17/2022 Brandon Vigliarolo
Congressional candidate Greg Raths' website copied from Lindsey Graham's campaign site nearly word-for-word WayBack Machine Fox News 4/15/2022 Tyler Olson
Libraries around the world are helping safeguard Ukrainian books and culture WayBack Machine Firstpost 4/15/2022 The Conversation
“Libs of TikTok” repeatedly misgenders public figures and content creators in apparent violation of Twitter rules WayBack Machine Media Matters 4/14/2022 Sophie Lawton
SEO: Using Wayback Machine, Google Cache WayBack Machine PracticalEcommerce 4/14/2022 Ann Smarty
Berkeley Woman Leads Effort To Help Save Ukraine’s Digital History Amid Russian Attacks WayBack Machine CBS SF Bay Area 4/13/2022 John Ramos
On Internet Archive, Pro-ISIS Group Posts Video Of Attack, Makes Explicit Threats In English WayBack Machine Memri 4/13/2022
You Won't Know It When You See It: The Challenges of Fabricated Evidence In the Digital Age WayBack Machine 4/13/2022 John Browning, Jonathan Bailie
Former Ethereum employee jailed for talking at North Korea crypto conference about dodging sanctions WayBack Machine PCGamer 4/13/2022 Rich Stanton
‘Club Penguin Rewritten’ shut down by Disney, website seized by London police WayBack Machine Tech Crunch 4/13/2022 Amanda Silberling
What Did Twitter’s Board Know About Musk’s Buying—And When Did They Know It? WayBack Machine The Information 4/13/2022 Martin Peers Jessica Toonkel, Mark Matousek
Take a moment to remember when Gilbert Gottfried voiced a newly laid off Clippy WayBack Machine AVClub 4/13/2022 Reid McCarter
Ford Focus ST-3 delivered to customers without advertised features WayBack Machine Car Expert 4/13/2022 WILLIAM STOPFORD
Canadian archivists go down the digital rabbit hole to help save Ukrainian culture WayBack Machine CBC 4/13/2022 Mark Gollom
The FBI’s takedown of Virgil Griffith for breaking sanctions, firsthand WayBack Machine Cointelgraph 4/12/2022 Ethan Lou
How X-Rays Unlocked the Mystery of Crystals WayBack Machine Smithsonian 4/12/2022 Tess Joosse
NSU Professor Dr. Dennette McDermott scrambles to preserve Ukraine’s culture WayBack Machine Natchitoches Times 4/12/2022
Groomer,' 'pro-pedophile': Old tropes find new life in anti-LGBTQ movement WayBack Machine NBC 4/12/2022 Matt Lavietes
Vaccinated Have Up To SIX Times the Infection Rate of Unvaccinated, New Zealand Government Data Show INternet Archive The Paradise 4/11/2022 Admin
Libraries around the world are helping safeguard Ukrainian books and culture Internet Archive The Conversation 4/10/2022 Ksenya Kiebuzinski
The Berkeley archivist on a mission to save Ukrainian digital history Internet Archive Berkeleyside 4/10/2022 Ally Markovich
SpaceX Raises Prices, Blames Inflation WayBack Machine The Motley fool 4/9/2022 Rich Smith
Russia’s Ukraine Propaganda Has Turned Fully Genocidal WayBack Machine Foreign Policy 4/9/2022 Alexey Kovalev
You Won’t Know It When You See It: The Challenges of Fabricated Evidence in the Digital Age WayBack Machine 4/8/2022 John G. Browning
Report: Chinese Doctor Kills Himself with Toothbrush After Arrest, Brutal Interrogation WayBack Machine Breitbart 4/8/2022 Frances Martel
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